Rankin Cres. Yard Sale

Details from Issue #2 of the Rankin Cres. News:

Rankin Crescent Yard Sale – Saturday, May 28, 2011

A number of Rankin Crescent residents suggested holding a Rankin Crescent yard sale this spring to provide a chance for us to recycle those no-longer-needed items taking up space in our homes and garages. On April 22, we placed yard sale surveys in the mailboxes of every house on Rankin Crescent. Thank you for the 10 responses we have received to date. Although we were hoping for more feedback, we have, nevertheless, decided to go ahead with the yard sale in the hopes that others will join us. If you have very little to sell, simply contact us and we will pair you up with the closest neighbour who will be participating. For those who have nothing to sell, we hope that you will show your support by checking out what your neighbours have to sell or in some cases to give away. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to visit with our Rankin Crescent neighbours after a rather long winter of hibernating indoors.

So, mark on your calendar the Yard Sale on Saturday, May 28th. We will post notices during the week prior to the event. If you would like to participate by selling items, or for more information, please contact Bob: 416-539-8558 RankinCrescentNews@yahoo.ca