Barrie Line Rail Bridge - Meeting with Metrolinx

DIGIN has organized a meeting with Metrolinx regarding the proposed Davenport Diamond Grade Separation project. Details from DIGIN coordinator Donna Cowan below.

Hi all,

The meeting with Metrolinx regarding the upcoming renovations to the Barrie rail line has been set up for this Wednesday.

Here are the details:

Wednesday March 11th
7pm start
Doors open at 6:45pm

Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre
1900 Davenport Avenue

The room has been reserved under my name, DIGIN as well as Metrolinx.

Directions to the room:
Once in front door the reception will be on the left. Keep walking straight.
Stay to the left of the staircase. You will feel as if you are exiting the building.
Under the stairs on the right is the Garden Room. Was hrooms are on the left.

There are bike locks out front and possibly in the back in view of the room. Automobile parking is on the street.

Comments/discussions about this project should be posted here.