BIG Meeting: Barrie Line Rail Bridge

The Bloor Improvement Group is organizing a meeting regarding the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation and proposed railway bridge. The focus of the meeting seems to be about crossings, linkages, and other possibilities, including references to past ideas and projects. Details below via Dyan Marie of BIG.

BIG meeting: Dupont Superbridge, April 1, 7:00, New Horizons

Including past present future of plans re Superbridge / Metrolinks

We have a history regarding the Superbridge lands, let's discover it it while hearing from Metrolinks and Ana's office regarding the future at the BIG meeting
April 1, 7:00, New Horizons, 1140 Bloor St West

U of T exhibition with architects grad students at the Massage Gallery, "Blind Spot" exhibition in 2003, 1444 Dupont 9A - with presentations regarding rail over, under and tunnel
Urban Surface and Guy Walter - developed walking, bike, street linkage concept for under the bridge and was included in the Dupont Projects Exhibition titled "About Here" at 1444 Dupont, unit 31, in 2003.

Also The Ontario College of Art class, taught by Eldon Garnet, and his students developed ideas for a pedestrian bring linking Lappin Ave to Campbell Park
but because the Superbridge would make a pedestrian bridge impossible the idea was set aside.

and In an early festival at Wallace Emerson Park with Dupont West Community and DIG IN - Bruce Ward made a community event creating a bridge to connect Lappin and Campbell.

It is very exciting to put back the opportunity to link Lappin to Campbell Park (among other opportunities).

I'll do my best to locate the historical documentation and bring it at the BIG meeting on April 7, 7:00, New Horizons
Metrolinks confirmed that they will present their information at the BIG meeting and be available to answer questions.
Ana's office will also present with information and guidance.

Everyone very welcome to attend - please forward this message to those that may be interested.

Thank you,

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