Want to beautify your garden/yard this summer?

Below is some information about Luscious Backyard. I have no affiliation with business (though I did hire her for a friend's wedding), but thought someone may be interested. It appears our neighborhood would only qualify for her request for a larger property for shrubs, but you never know. In short - you provide the space/water, she grows the flowers. Learn more about her business here:

"Flowers Seeking Yards:
All these flowers need more space! I am looking for front or back yards in the Parkdale / Roncesvalles neighbourhood to transform into flower gardens. Full sun (south facing with no large trees in the vicinity) and access to a hose are the main criteria. My team and I do all the work and you enjoy the garden!
I am also looking for a larger yard (5000 sq ft-ish) within a few minutes drive of Parkdale where I can establish a garden of shrubs, roses and perennials. Think of the beauty...
Please spread the word."

Here is her contact info, if anyone is interested.
Sarah Nixon
(416) 873 2611

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