Jane's Walk: Walk The Green Line

This Jane's Walk will take place on Sunday May 3 at 11:00 AM. Details are on the Jane's Walk website. The walk covers a fantastic future trail opportunity to the north and east of the Junction Triangle.

As our city continues to grow in population and density, finding new space for parks becomes more challenging. Many cities are turning to infrastructure corridors to create linear spaces that create connections and add green space. Starting at Earlscourt Park and running into the Annex, the Dupont hydro corridor has amazing potential to become a linear park and trail linking communities together. While there are nine city parks located in the corridor already, many are disconnected by roads, grade changes, fences, and parking lots. On this walk we'll discuss the opportunities and challenges of realizing the Green Line vision, how a neighbourhood association is working to bring new parks to the corridor, and the importance of linear spaces for butterfly habitat. The Friends of the Green Line is a volunteer group of community members and engaged Torontonians who are dedicated to working with local residents, the City of Toronto, and other partners to realize the vision of the Green Line. The Green Line project is supported by Toronto Park People.

The walk begins at 18 Foundry Ave. in Davenport Village, south-west of Davenport and Lansdowne.