Rally: Rail Construction Noise

This is very short notice, but I just read about this upcoming rally over on the Junctioneer blog:

Rally for noise and shutter happening with the West Toronto Diamond construction

Rally will be located at 18 Hook Ave. on Friday March 27th at 3pm (tomorrow)

The West Toronto Diamond GO Transit expansion construction noise and vibration levels are affecting the residents along the construction path of the work, which is on railway land. In some cases to distraction and worry.

The work currently stretches over 3 a three block area from Dundas St West. and Annette St. and is heading West towards Junction Rd. The residents are protesting the construction noise and vibration levels as well as GO Transit’s failure to deal with them in a reasonable manner in their view. This probably is not GO Transit’s view, but you can attend tomorrow you can see for yourself.

It is important to note that this is the 1st phase of the construction process in this project and there at least 5 more, work currently - involves the driving of the PT piles, after which another contractor will remove the soil from within the two lines of piles. Then others.

Local elected persons, Cheri Di’Novo and Gord Perks will attend and Gerard Kennedy has been invited. Remember community strength is with community residents, and Cheri Di’Novo, Gord Perks and Gerard Kennedy need to see how concerned the community is about this issue - so your feet on the pavement will help a lot.