Help the Needy Get Nerdy

The following email came through the DIGIN mailing list:

From: Cathy Martens
Subject: Neighbourhood green/social justice nonprofit startup meeting June 3, 10-12 noon

Howdy neighbours,

The Davenport Perth Community Ministry is hosting a meeting of community members who are interested (or might be) in something that: "helps the needy get nerdy" by giving away free computers in exchange for community service - and actually teaches people how to build their own from donated hardware. No prerequisite computer experience required. With emphasis on re-using perfectly working electronics - over recycling - everyone can help reduce the pollution involved in trucking them to recycling factories, while helping their neighbours at the same time. No longer just a job skill or educational skill, this is now a life skill that even the disabled can use to reduce their intra-city travel needs and build relationships with community organizations.

I'll be presenting a working model of such a nonprofit that's proven successful in other parts of North America for the first 30-45 minutes, complete with a couple of short movie clips that should prove informative and entertaining. Roughly the same amount of time will be used for Q&A.

If anyone's interested in helping ensure this nonprofit gets properly organized, legal and sustainable,, or simply learning more before they commit anything, please RSVP to me with a phone number, and I'll give you mine in return when I call you :-). We hope to have members from all socioeconomic backgrounds present, some business and charitable workers, and technical workers, too. We could really use more people with community development experience, people with space available, and of course, $ for startup expenses until our other funding arrives. Charitable receipts can be arranged.


Cathy Martens

Sounds like they are trying to start up something similar to Portland's Free Geek organization. Please contact Cathy Martens if you are interested in getting involved.