Metrolinx seeking input into electrification study

The following notice came from Metrolinx today. If you have any ideas about this study that you wish to share with the rest of the community, feel free to post them in the comments.

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Metrolinx is working with a Community Advisory Committee to develop the Terms of Reference to study electrification of the GO rail system.

The Big Move, Metrolinx’s 25-year integrated regional transportation plan, identified both Express Rail, which would typically use electric motive power, and Regional Rail as part of our overall plan for faster, more frequent and reliable rapid transit expansion.

The study will consider options to conventional train technology, such as electrification, as well as other fuel technologies. It will examine the benefits, cost comparisons and provide recommendations.

Categories for consideration are:

  • Technology
  • Community and health impacts
  • Capacities
  • Land use planning
  • System costs, funding, financing and delivery
  • Ridership and usage of transit

As part of their work, the Community Advisory Committee is seeking public input on what questions should be addressed in the electrification study and how they should be evaluated. This input will be considered by the Community Advisory Committee in early September. Please submit your input before Thursday, September 3, 2009.

For input: Electrification public consultation form

For study updates, please visit our website at