Fuzzy Parade - Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 1 p.m.

Fuzzy Boundaries will be bringing music to the streets of our neighbourhood to encourage people to vote before the polls close (online until midnight) and celebrate the end of the naming project. You will also be able to vote in person as the parade passes - just look for a Fuzzy Boundaries Parade Marshall with a clipboard and ballots.

There are three ways to enjoy the music of the Baturyn Concert Marching Band. A musical parade will be passing by a majority of the houses in the neighbourhood. You can see the band go by twice at Perth Park. Or, you can take a walk through the neighbourhood with us as the band plays on.

Route Description & Map

The parade starts on Wallace Avenue at the foot of the Wallace Avenue bridge at 1 P.M. The course runs east to Rankin, south on Rankin and then a little west to Campbell (1:20 P.M.), north on Campbell to Antler, west on Antler to Perth, half a block north on Perth to Parkman (1:40 P.M.), then west on Parkman to Franklin, south on Franklin to Ruskin, west on Ruskin for a block, then north on Edwin (across Dupont) to Edith (2 P.M.), east on Edith and Hugo to Perth, south on Perth all the way to the bottom (south of Bloor – 2:30 P.M.), then north on Sterling and continuing north on Symington to Antler, west on Antler and finish in the Perth Square Park (3 P.M.).

Google map of the route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3469062