Fuzzy Boundaries results announced

The Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming process is now complete. The winner was announced this morning on CBC Radio's Metro Morning show, and the following media advisory was sent out:

Media Advisory

West Toronto Neighbourhood Votes to Keep Junction Triangle Name

Residents Embrace Past Moniker After Year-long Process

Who: Residents of the West Toronto neighbourhood north of Roncesvalles and east of The Junction and Fuzzy Boundaries, a group of residents spearheading a naming project for the area.

What: Residents have voted to keep the neighbourhood name Junction Triangle in the second and final round of voting for an area name. Junction Triangle won a plurality of the 674 votes cast, almost double the closest contenders Perth Park and Black Oak Triangle. The name Junction Triangle was first used in the 1970s by residents fighting pollution caused by local industries, but it had largely fallen out of use. During the two-week voting period, 83 percent of voters agreed to support the winning name no matter the outcome.

When: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where: Junction Triangle is a wedge-shaped piece of land bordered by railway tracks north of Dupont, east of Dundas Street West, and west of Lansdowne.

Why: Naming the neighbourhood creates a collective identity - something to call the area as a whole - which in turn creates a sense of pride and ownership. Through this process people begin to see the potential of a united neighbourhood and become more aware of what the community means to them.

Contact: Kevin Putnam
416-537-1128 or Putnam@sympatico.ca

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