Upcoming Ward 18 Debate in the JT - Help Wanted

The South Perth and Sterling Road Residents Association is organizing another Ward 18 All Candidates debate, to be held on Perth Ave. This should be an excellent opportunity to hear from the candidates and help local Junction Triangle residents come closer to making a decision before the election. The organizers are looking for help, especially with coming up with a list of questions from the community, as well as finding an appropriate moderator. See the message below.

I have a favour to ask, The South Perth and Sterling Road Residents Association is hosting a final All Candidates Meeting on October the 14th at the Church of the First Born on Perth Avenue starting at 6:30, so far most all candidates have replied to a call for attendance.

I am looking for community based questions that can be presented and would like to get questions submitted to an email address set up just for this purpose, I'm not looking for questions from anonymous people and I would like the questions to be able to be asked of all candidates, so questions from people who can provide me with a name and call back # will get priority as I want to make sure that the question is clear (only I will have who the question is from and their contact info and I will call them a few days ahead to make sure that the question is clear!) I am looking for issues that residents of ward 18 are looking to get answers to (Maybe even some questions that have not yet been addressed).

I am also open to suggestions for a moderator, I have made a request of 1 potential moderator from outside of the riding but am open to other volunteers who may wish to contact me and let me know why they would want to be the moderator.

Please address questions & Moderator suggestions to :