French Program Options at the TDSB - A Summary

Here is a brief summary of the French Language options available within the Toronto District School Board. For complete information from the TDSB website, Click Here.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) offers several ways for children to learn French in the primary grades. For students in the Perth Ave PS catchment area, the choices are currently:

  1. Core French – 40 minutes of French Language instruction per day starting in grade 4 (currently offered to all students at Perth)
  2. Early Immersion – 100% French instruction starting in SK with English introduced in grade 4 (Perth Ave P.S. students can apply to take this program at Regal Road P.S.)
  3. Junior Extended French – 50% French instruction starting in grade 4 ( Perth Ave P.S. students can apply to take this program at Rawlinson Community School)
  4. Middle Immersion – 100% French instruction in grades 4 and 5, and continuing mixed French and English in grade 6 and beyond (no option available at this time for Perth students)

Early French Immersion begins in Senior Kindergarten at our designated location, Regal Road Junior Public School. The application process for Early French Immersion begins in January and the deadline for receipt of application is February.

Junior Extended French program which begins at the Grade 4 level at Rawlinson Community School. Students in this program spend 50% of their day in French instruction from Grade 4 - Grade 8 at the Extended French school. The subjects taught in French are French Language Arts, Social Studies and The Arts. English Language Arts, as well as Mathematics and Science are taught in English. Designated school pathways have been developed to ensure that students have a continuation of program from the Grade 4 entry to the end of Grade 12. The application process for admission to Grade 4-entry Junior Extended French programs begins in November. It is an on-line application process. This is not a first-come, first-served process. The application deadline is December 17, 2011. All late applicants will be placed on a waitlist. Log onto for more information.

There are 3 schools in the TDSB currently offering a Middle Immersion program, however those of us in the Perth community are not in the attendance area for any of them. The application process for Middle Immersion is completed one year in advance, on-line and begins in mid November. The deadline for application for is mid December. All late applicants are placed on a waitlist.