Code of Conduct

The main purpose of this website is to provide an online presence for our neighbourhood, where local news, stories, event listings, and other useful information can be shared by local residents. It is meant to be an open communication area where we can all share ideas, whether through blog posts, forum posts, or comments on stories.

One of the beauties of our neighbourhood is that we come from such diverse backgrounds, bringing different ideas and opinions to the table. This is great! However, it is important that when we share these ideas with each other or make comments about any of the items posted here, we do so in a respectful manner, even when we disagree.

Before posting to this site, please read this code of conduct. I do believe that it is fair and flexible enough to keep an open stream of communication going here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this website and share your ideas. If you have any comments or concerns about this code of conduct, please get in touch. I am open to ideas.

Vic Gedris - Webmaster

Code of Conduct:

  • Always be respectful. Refrain from name-calling. No personal attacks.
  • Keep your tone civil, and try to refrain from using foul language.
  • Stay on-topic. Off-topic posts on any story or forum may be moved or deleted. If you can't find an existing story or forum to post your comments to, please create a new forum topic. To avoid duplication, try using the search feature before posting.
  • Please proofread before posting. Do not shout in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • When posting facts or statistics, please be ready to back your facts up with references or web links.
  • When posting to this website, please create an account and sign in. Using an account on this site will allow you to access additional features, as well as help prevent others from impersonating your name.
  • Anonymous comments and comments from unverified users are allowed. However, they will be subject to stronger scrutiny and moderation standards. Please do not post under multiple names.
  • Advertising and "spam" will be deleted, though we will be somewhat more flexible with local businesses.
  • Obviously, illegal content will be removed as necessary.

If you disagree with this code of conduct, that's fine. The beauty of the Internet is that anyone can start their own website and set their own rules. You can even set up a website for free. I may even be willing to help you get started.