2008 Community Cleanup Day

Please join us on Saturday April 19th, 1:00pm at Campbell Park for a community cleanup day!

Local residents will gather at Campbell Park playground, south side (map), and begin cleaning up the neighbourhood from here. Depending on how many volunteers come, we plan to clean up Campbell Park, Perth Square, Rankin Park, and the surrounding streets.

What to bring:

  • Yourself, your friends, and your family. Kids too!
  • Garbage bags and gloves (we will provide some, but it will be good have extras).
  • Long pants and boots or sturdy shoes.

Some notes about safety:

  • Pick up litter in your gloved hand and carry your bag in the other.
  • Do not pick up strange articles that may be dangerous.
  • Don't pick up anything that looks sharp (i.e. used needles).
  • Do not take any risks attempting to reach litter in hard-to-get-to places (up a tree, down a steep incline, in rapidly flowing water, on slippery surfaces, etc.).

For more information about the cleanup efforts, please contact us by email or call 416-538-2296.

There are some other nearby cleanup efforts taking place too:

  • Sterling Rd. and South Perth Residents Association - 9:00am. Email Philip Share for more info.
  • Toronto Lansdowne Residents Association - 11:00am at College and Margueretta.

Some more information about the City's litter cleanup efforts can be found here.

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