Junction Triangle T-Shirt Contest Results

Winning Design: Eric McBainWinning Design: Eric McBain

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Junction Triangle T-shirt Logo Contest! And for the moment we've all been waiting for: the winning designs!!

First place: Eric McBain

Check out his website at: ericmcbain.com

"I went back to the roots of our area, the borders that define our neighbourhood, and the source of an exciting future - the rail lines. More specifically I was inspired a lot by vintage signage of Grand Trunk Railways for the type, a major rail company that used to operate the hood (fun history fact, Hebert James Symington, the namesake of the avenue worked for Grand Trunk, (http://db1.archives.queensu.ca/ica-atom/index.php/herbert-james-symington-fonds;rad). The rail line in perspective moving forward and upward I think also alludes nicely to the future impact rail will have on our hood when the UP trains start."

Eric also submitted two additional designs:

Second place: Jamar Burnette

Jamar Burnette is a 19-year-old Junction Native of 18 years! He owns an entertainment company, "KGM Entertainment," which involves: Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Audio Engineering, Recording & Event Planning! Jamar played for two seasons on the Canadian Junior National Team for Baseball. Check him out on Google Plus.

Third place: Kelly Payne

Kelly Payne has lived in the JT for 12 years with her husband and 2 boys. She is a graphic designer, craftsperson and maker of many things. The design she contributed was created in the shape of our neighbourhood boundary lines with hand drawn lettering. You can find her website at: sheyhome.ca

A huge thanks to the other entrants for sharing your designs!

Piotr Adas

Piotr Adas is a passionate jogger, swim fan and a multidisciplinary artist. Piotr and his family have been JT residents for 2.5 years. You can find Piotr online at: www.adas.ca

Aneta Pacholska

Aneta Pacholska is a graphic designer from Poland, passionate about design and music. She arrived in Toronto two months ago, moved to the Junction Triangle and instantly fell in love with the city and the neighbourhood. Aneta works mostly with print mediums, creating custom designs and logos. You can check out her work here: anetasportfolio.blogspot.ca

Keep your eyes open for information about ordering t-shirts on the Junction Triangle website, Twitter and Facebook.

Editor's Note: Many thanks to JT resident Vicki McGregor for the idea to run this contest and following through to get it done!


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Where to order your Junction Triangle tees

Not sure if anyone has posted the site where you can order your Junction Triangle t-shirts. This is the spot:

Congrats to all the entrants.

Congrats to all the entrants. And the winner! Kelly's design to me was reminiscent of something out of Spike Lee's movie posters...great stuff.

Congrats Eric, My Fave was

Congrats Eric, My Fave was Kelly Payne.