Toronto Cat Rescue helping with stray cat problem!

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the Toronto Cat Rescue has been doing some important work to help control the stray and feral cat population on Perth Avenue. I called them to help with an abandoned mom and her 4 kittens that were living on the porches on Perth. They were drawing the attention of local tomcats who have been spraying people's property. The females can have litters 3 times a year - and there were at least 3 females in this little family!

The rescue group practices trap-neuter-release for feral cats, meaning, they trap the cats, determine if they are too wild to be socialized (tamed) into housepets, get them spayed or neutered and vaccinated, and then release them back into their environment. With tomcats, once they are fixed they spray less, they fight less and they don't roam as far in search of mates. Plus, no kittens!

So far, I've helped them trap 2 females and 1 tomcat. I've also rescued a small kitten. Upon trapping a cat, one of the volunteers picks them up, takes them to a vet, and then takes them to another volunteer's "recovery home" to recover from their surgery before being released.

These volunteers are giving up so much time and effort to help prevent the growth of an out of control cat colony on our street - and they don't even live in our neighbourhood!

The cost to fix and vaccinate a cat through Toronto Cat Rescue special rates at their vets is about $100. The work they are doing is beneficial to ALL OF US in the neighbourhood, so, if you can donate to help them cover the costs, would you please visit their webpage? You can donate online, and you'll get a charitable donation tax receipt. Please specify on the online form that you are donating toward the "PERTH AVE CAT COLONY".

Toronto Cat Rescue website:

Thanks!!! If you'd like to offer any volunteer help, feel free to give them a call.

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Donations needed!

Hi! I'm bumping this thread again and hoping that Junction Triangle residents will step up and help with the stray cat problem in our area. The Toronto Cat Rescue is working to trap, spay and release the local cats, so they don't breed further. They also get their basic shots and if any are adoptable, they get put into foster homes. But they need financial support from us, the residents of the community in which they are working!

On Perth Avenue, the Toronto Cat Rescue has "fixed" and released 2 females and 1 male, and rescued 1 kitten. Today, the mom of the girls is being spayed and she has to also have her tail amputated as it was likely run over by a car and is infected. it's $100 per cat, plus $350 for the amputation. One of her year old daughters is very pregnant cat, so, there will be more kittens to be rescued and placed. If they have more donations, they can continue working in the area on the other cats.

Please support their work through a charitable donation - you get a tax receipt! Please go to the link below to donate, and specify it's for the "Perth Avenue Colony". Thanks!

toronto cat rescue

Hi. I am just wandering if someone picked up any kittens/cats around Perth & Wallace. I was feeding a few cats there but have disappeared and I am hoping that Toronto Cat rescue has them so I don't have to worry about someone do them some harm. One was an orange cat medium hair. 2 tabby and one with longer hair. there was also a black & white one. If someone can confirm that Toronto animal rescue has them that would be great!!

PS that's Donations to Toronto Cat Rescue URGENTLY needed

Sorry for not being more clear in the subject line. Thanks for your support! They need the residents to support the work in our neighbourhood.

Abandoned Cats Invisible Everywhere

I agree. There are literally thousands, even tens of thousands of abandoned, stray cats in our city's back alleys, under porches, hiding in garages and abandoned buildings. The problem is irresponsible pet owners who throw them away when their 'lifestyle' changes or that cute little kitten grows up or they move and leave them in the middle of winter like broken Ikea furniture.

Check out CAT CITY, a documentary recently made about the situation in Toronto. Here is a 2 minute trailer:

Another thing you can do is GET POLITICAL. Write your city councillor and/or the Licensing and Standards Committee (which has responsibility for Animal Services) and demand:

1. Stop the sale of cats and dogs in retail stores (it encourages backyard breeders and there are so many in shelters and rescues that need homes)
2. Demand a mandatory spay-neuter bylaw for all pets, with an exemption for legitimate certified breeders only.

Here are contact links:

Email: (our ward18 City Councillor)

Licensing and Standards Committee Members:
Councillor Cesar Palacio (Chair). Councillor Glen De Baeremaeker, Councillor Chin Lee, Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby, Councillor Frances Nunziata, Councillor Anthony Perruzza

For more about this, check out

If we are a truly compassionate society, we will care for the animals.


Abandoned cats invisible everywhere

Thanks, Ken, I appreciate you posting that information.

But we do also need to address the animals who are already on the street in the area. I know that various neighbours have been getting frustrated with the cats in their backyards, but haven't been willing to get involved to curb the problem. This is why I asked if the community would please support and spread the word about the Toronto Cat Rescue, who are trying to stop the population growth by spaying and neutering the strays, and giving them their basic shots. It will stop the males from wandering so far as well as spraying and fighting, and of course will keep the females from procreating.

They are still working on Perth Avenue - basically cleaning up our backyard problem! - with very little financial support from the community they are serving - and they are entirely reliant on donations.

You can go to or to donate to the Perth Ave Colony, which is the cats in our neighbourhood.


PS re Toronto Cat Rescue

I'm sure the problem isn't limited to Perth Avenue - cats wander! These were a few cats in particular along Perth.

If you're in the Junction Triangle and want to help out financially and/or help trap them or foster them, please please go to the website. It really is a service they are doing for our community! Thanks!!