Noise and safety

Hi there,

We're looking at buying a house in the JT, and have done a lot of research about it. But research cannot take the place of real people sharing their perspectives.

What I really want to know is how bad is the noise owing to a) regular train service and b) the expansion project.

Also, safety: is it safe to walk alone along the railpath behind streets like Osler and Edwin?


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Public Safety Announcements

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Man faces charges in thefts from 60 vehicles

While crime has dropped in our area over the last 15 years according to the Police there are always jerks around. This story talks about parking garages but it may also be connected to the rash of on-street car break-ins that started at the same time. Regardless it is good news.

Toronto Star
Henry Stancu Staff Reporter

A Toronto man faces 75 charges after $27,500 damage was done to 60 cars parked in underground garages in Toronto’s west end during a recent series of break-ins.

The smash and grab thefts of various items, ranging from electronic devices to personal property, began in garages in the Bloor St. W. and Lansdowne area before Christmas and continued until this month. (A Canadian Press story also listed Perth and Ruskin as targeted areas.)

Car windows and windshields were smashed, interiors ransacked and items such as cameras, GPS units, cell phones, music players and even wallets and cash were taken.

In some cases cars were damaged even though there was nothing worth stealing found inside.

Police warn car owners never to leave anything of value in a parked car.

“If you leave a knapsack or a laptop in plain view it provides the incentive for someone to take it,” said Const. Tony Vella of Toronto police public information unit.

“Most times criminals won’t break-in to vehicles if there’s nothing in plain view, but in this case it seems like any vehicle was targeted even where there was nothing found or taken,” he added.

Darryl Aquino, 33, of no fixed address, has been charged with 37 counts of mischief, 21 counts of attempted theft, 16 counts of theft and also breaching a conditional sentence order.

Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your responses. It is very helpful. I hope others chime in.

Regarding the noise, it's a good suggestion to walk through during the morning or evening rush hours. I'll do that. Train noise is generally fine ... it's the screeching whistles that can be jarring.

I honestly don't know how everyone has managed during the grade separation work. From what I've read, it sounds quite stressful. How much longer until the work is done? And does the community truly feel that this will be of benefit once done?

For safety, we've been during the evening, and I felt safe, walking north of Dupont behind the townhomes on Osler. There were a few people about on the streets, but none on the railpath, so I didn't get a good sense of that. It was extremely well-lit, however.


Safety and noise


Welcome to the neighbourhood. Hope you find a place that you like.

This really depends on which part of the JT you're in. If you're closer to the north end, especially north of Dupont St., you'll hear the freight train noise fairly often. It's loudest when the engines go by. Also very loud when the trains cross the West Toronto Diamond, as it's steel wheels hammering on steel tracks. However, most of that noise will be gone once the West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation project is completed (luckily, you'll miss all of that pile-driving construction noise....)
The GO trains are loud when the locomotives go by, but the trains are short so the noise is more short-lived. Oddly enough, the newer locomotives have a much louder high-pitched sound than the older ones. It can also be louder near the Bloor GO station when the Georgetown trains accelerate from the stop.
It doesn't sound like GO train expansion will be happening too quickly..... but the Airport Rail Link trains will be pretty frequent (I think every 15 min. in each direction). However...those will be much smaller trains with smaller engines, so they shouldn't be anywhere near as loud as the GO trains. But that still remains to be seen....

We're on Symington, and train noise is never an issue. We can hear them in the summer with windows open, but it's never a problem at all. The Symington bus is definitely louder.

I'd suggest taking a walk through the streets near the tracks during the morning or evening rush, or plan a home visit during those hours if possible.

Railpath safety:
I don't think my wife of I have ever had any uncomfortable incidents along here. Maybe it's different for some people walking alone at certain times of day though. But comfort is also a perception.... I don't think I've heard of any bad incidents taking place along the path. People usually seem more concerned about the section south of Bloor because it's a much longer stretch without entrances/exits, so a bit more isolated. At least anywhere north of Bloor you're always close to homes and people.
If anything, Railpath has improved safety of that rail corridor and the streets nearby, as people of all ages are out and enjoying it, putting more "eyes on the street". Especially in the summertime. But even in the winter there are usually other people around.


we live on perth, just north

we live on perth, just north of dupont and happen to enjoy the sound of the train. truth be told, we rarely hear it anymore. it has never, at any point, been a concern (and we have two toddlers).

good luck,


noise and safety

We live on Perth at Ernest, fairly close to the tracks. The noise doesn't bother us at all. I walk often on the path alone, and in the evening I see others doing the same with their dogs. I feel very safe there. I don't often get up past Dupont in the evening, but during the day it is definitely fine, though there is less traffic. It's a great neighbourhood, I'm sure you'll like it here if you decide to buy.