Georgetown Corridor / Bloor St. Bridge Construction

You may have noticed that construction of a new railway bridge span over Bloor St. for Metrolinx's Georgetown South Service Expansion Project has started this week. This new bridge span is being erected between the West Toronto Railpath bridge and the existing GO Transit Georgetown tracks.

Currently, the road has been narrowed to one lane in each direction as workers prepare the median for a new pillar.

Oddly, there was no real notice given for the start of this construction, except for a few signs installed nearby recently. This was originally planned to happen earlier this year, but was postponed to a date "TBD". I assume that when they are ready to install the actual bridge span, there will be a complete road closure, like there was on Dupont St. in December.

In the meantime, it's probably best to avoid Bloor St. during rush hour or any other busy times.


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New Rail line?

Is this bridge going to service a new rail line as well? By my rough visual estimation (and I am no surveyor), if a new rail line is to be installed, it will need to go between the existing eastern most track and the railpath - to the east of the GO platform ?!? This seems to be an odd location, as it will require new access to the existing tracks (or a walk down to Bloor st and back up the stairwells), and would come awfully close to the railpath. This seems very odd to me...

Are there any plans around for what this will look like? I looked at the new Bloor GO station revamp plans, and it appears that a new line is indicated on the eastern side of the exisiting tracks, but is labeled (future track - 2031?)?