Ward 18 meeting: Public Transit

Announcement from Ana Bailao. You can download a PDF copy of this announcement here.


On Transit in Toronto

Have your say, Tuesday, March 29, 2011 7:00pm - 9:00pm
St. Helen Catholic School - Gymnasium
1196 College Street

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

I am writing to invite the residents of Ward 18 to a public meeting to discuss the state of transit in Toronto.

It is my intention to use this meeting as an opportunity for local residents to share their thoughts on public transit and other methods of transportation, what local services and programs need to be maintained and/or improved.

As I promised last fall to continuously engage local residents on important matters, I am very pleased to host this meeting that will include city staff. Please come with your thoughts and ideas on how we can make our community a better place to live and work.

Ana Bailão
City Councillor
Ward 18, Davenport

Discussion point: What are some of the public transit / transportation priorities for the Junction Triangle?

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Symington Bus Route Unreliable

I would like to know why TTC buses on Symington seem to run in packs all the time and the morning service is so unreliable. These buses all have computers so short turning and holding back should be really easy to do.

Roger Brook

The city has warned continuously about major cuts in 2012 and brought in former TTC CEO David Gunn to examine TTC budget for savings. During his 4 years he cut service and the TTC lost 19% of its riders.
I attended Councillor Bailao's budget communication meeting where she agreed to great applause to vote against cuts to bus routes but when the motion arrived on Feb. 23rd..
12:11 Bailao voted against Councillor Perks' motion to restore $3 million in cuts.
To be fair while $2.6 million was to retain bus routes, the motion also included $100,000 to prevent library cuts & $75,000 to prevent tenant defence cuts + adult rec programs fee hikes.

Transit/Transportation meeting

Anyone else going to this? I hope to attend.

What are some of the Ward 18 (or more specifically Junction Triangle) transit/transportations issues that should be discussed that this meeting?

Some random thoughts:

  • Railpath expansion
  • Toronto Bike Plan / bikeway network expansion
  • Dundas West / Bloor mobility hub
  • Sidewalk maintenance and enforcement of sidewalk parking
  • What can be done to improve Bloor St. through the Junction Triangle?
  • What about transit/TTC topics? I think transit is actually pretty good in Ward 18, Just hope there are no more cuts...
  • Etc...etc...