Nonna's Place and C-Store

Nonna's Place and C-Store

New businesses at the Bloor/Symington/Sterling intersection.

The C-Store and Cafe has been open for several months, and it looks like Nonna's Place is getting ready to open soon.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2008-06-07


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Went today for the first time. Had the veal sandwich which was great and the price was very good. The staff their is top notch. Very friendly and great atmosphere. The coffee was great too...overall a great experience and I will be back.



Second sandwich visit: meat ball super, chicken adequate and sausage HUGE disappointment. The sausage was NOT home made or even close.

The sausage was big on preservatives, not juicy at all and the bun INDEFENSIBLE !! The bun was a glorified hot dog bun. Not the great crusty ones like the other sandwiches get. They simply should cut the sausage and put in the regular bun. Could it get any drier ??? Sweet mother of God there was no sauce in the Italian sausage sandwich?? Hey owners heads-up why is the meatball sandwich soooo good and the sausage sandwich misses the mark big time.

I think Nonna has lost her game. Back to California sandwiches I go, so much for supporting locals.

Are you insane? Nonna's place

Are you insane?
Nonna's place ROCKS!!! Just because you don't like the sausages(I hate ALL sausages), that doesn't mean that the food isn't totally amazing. Nonna's Place serves the most amazing veal and chicken sandwiches...Nonna's Place puts California Sandwiches to shame.

I can't believe how fresh and

I can't believe how fresh and amazing the sandwiches at Nonna's Place are!!! I am so impressed with the friendly service. Make sure you try the chicken cutlets....they are to die for!

Good choice

the food is OK and the price is great.

Nonna's Place

the food is good and the price is right

I have eaten the chicken

I have eaten the chicken sandwich here a few times. Really Really great taste and portion!
The staff was very nice, and the food was very affordable. This place is a great find in the neighbourhood

Nonna's Place- The Holy Grail of Italian Takeout

I just moved into the area, and happily discovered Nonna's Place. The food, tasted like my own "Nonna" was cooking for her family's Sunday Dinner. The aroma alone, made me feel nastalgic, and the friendly owners topped it off. The food was fresh, delicious, and very very well priced. The chicken cutlet sandwich is to die for. My husband ordered the Eggplant Parmigiano, and was in Heaven. There were lots of meat/vegetarian options. This place is great for a quick bite, the food made to order and authentic, and I left feeling satisfied. If you have not tried it, you don't know what you are missing

I love the chicken and veal

I love the chicken and veal sandwiches too!!

Two Thumbs!!

The food is GREAT!!

I just ate at Nonna's Place and the food is amazing!! You got to check it out!! Very homey, great food and excellent service.

C-Store? Also, Nonna's is great!

The C-Store is closed? What was that place anyway?

Nonna's is a hidden hot table gem. The eggplant, though slightly salty, is fantastic.