Local man charged with cruelty to animals for attacking raccoons

The mural removal incident isn't the only local story all over the news this week. On Wednesday morning, a resident of Rankin Cres. was charged with cruelty to animals and possessing a dangerous weapon after allegedly beating a family of raccoons in his backyard. Details from the Police and media follow:

From the CP24 story:

Toronto police said officers were called to a home on Rankin Crescent, near Lansdowne Avenue and Bloor Street, shortly before 6 a.m.

At least one neighbour called 911 to report a man striking small raccoons with "a shovel-type" garden tool in his yard while a mother raccoon attempted to rescue her offspring, police said.

The neighbour told CP24 that he was startled by wild animals' shrieks, so he looked outside to find the suspect beating the raccoons with a red-coloured spade.

"The screaming from the first baby was horrific, it was loud," said the neighbour, who confronted the man.

And from the Toronto Star:

“It sounded like a young child was being thrown around — and I could hear this banging and racket”

A man swung a spade at another baby raccoon on a fence, knocking it to the ground and hitting it a number of times with the shovel, he said.

The baby raccoon was screaming.

Meanwhile, he said, the mother raccoon was nearby — he thinks she had three other babies with her.

She came down to the injured, crying baby that had been hit with the spade and picked it up. “It was still alive but it was really smushed and flopping around and crying”

A baby raccoon was taken to Toronto Animal Services and supervisor Fiona Venedam said it should recover. The tiny animal fractured several toes and may have a broken leg, she said.

“He’s a pretty feisty little guy,” she said. By late Wednesday, the raccoon was well enough to be transferred to Procyon Wildlife Veterinary and Rehabilitation Services in Beeton, Ont.

More media links:

The Toronto Animal Services website has some information and suggestions for dealing with raccoons.


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End of the raccoon beating story

And so it ends.

"Man who attacked raccoons with shovel pleads guilty to animal cruelty"

I am also a home owner in the

I am also a home owner in the area and would never dream of beating a raccoon to death because they are damaging my property. There are measures one can take to try and deal appropriately with the situation. If you claim you are spending thousands of dollars to repair your house why don't you spend much less and have a professional come in and help you trap and relocate the offending animals.

Responded to your Radio 1010-comment

Vic wrote: Awesome, Now raccoons are been equated with terroists. Check under your porches folks. You might find Al Queda.

Jack Fava responded:
Vic for a smart guy that was one stupid comment. Many like you who rent don't know what it is to dish out money to repairs done to their properties by raccoons we are talking about thousands of dollars. These tax paying home owning citizens of Toronto and canada have a voice and a right to get heard. This is the reason I got involved. Unless the 3 levels of government start to listen to these home owners they may hear more stories like My Nguyen. There are many home owners who are very upset.

Hey Vic, Yes this is Canada and you have a right to your opinion. But many of us don't understand what you comment has to do with what happend on Rankin. There are many issues involved in this case, I think you are looking at it from one side. I am trying to see from all sides, not going into details with you, but I meet with people from all sides, got it from all sides. But their are many silent victims as well they are called "home owners". The City and they other two levels of govenrment can do more that may not involve big money, but just keeping silent, afraid to say something to be politically correct or not trying to step on people toes is not want I want my government to do. They need to be clear there is a lot a gray area in this issue. JF


Jack, you should know about "stupid comments" and sniping at the decent guy who voluntarily runs this site is not too smart either. Not to mention condoning vicious criminal activity, which is what you're little rally did, in addition to demonizing some poor animals that are just trying to survive. You have only ever been able to see things one way, and that's your way. In my experience you never listen to anyone, change your mind or even compromise - ever. As your lonely blue Conservative signs highlighted in the recent election, you're out of touch with this community.

When is the next Rally?

Vic is not a renter.

Renters pay taxes too, its included in their rent. They also pay all other taxes too.

Homeowners vs. renters. Jack Fava dividing people as always.

I live 2 blocks away and yes there are raccoons but hardly the hysteria that seems to follow all your rallies. One day you complain about the City being useless and interfering in our lives and the next you demand that the City patrol our backyards looking for raccoons and do something.

Beating animals to earth is cruel and a crime. Period.

Is this really about raccoons or is it about your bi-annual need to see your face on TV?

Most work quietly through proper channels and attend meetings and work with the Police and the City departments to create real change and improvement. Many locals devote countless never seen hours to the many committees and groups they support. On TV and in the SUN you are always beating your chest about being a community leader but I haven't seen you at a meeting in years. Locals have taken the time to appear at countless City department meetings and depositions; never seen you there supporting local business or citizens.

The only local group you belong to is the "Get Jack Fava on TV Society". In the internet age getting on TV is the easy part.
I especially liked last year when "Mr. Community" went on TV and you said you were scared to walk outside in our neighborhood. Thanks a lot for creating a false sense of fear in the hood and tarring the community. Odd thing to say since you are on the police community board and SHOULD know and PROMOTE accurate crime stats which show that crime continues to fall in our area. (I know as Inspector Lennox gave me the same stats that you have access to).

Jack the worst thing that could happen to you would be for the area to improve, and that what has been happening over the past say 10 years. Improvement and community involvement decreases the size of your soapbox and means your rallies have to get kookier and more outlandish to get the attention you crave.

So Jack what is the next issue you are going to exploit so you can get on TV?

Sorry no one asked the Grand Puba

Scott D., Sorry I didn't run it by you. I know you like to think you are the Grand Puba of JT.

It wasn't my idea Calling it the Raccoon Rally. Don't matter, I don't need to explain things to you. I have received ton's my emails from from strangers who are Tax paying Citizens of this city who are either on low income, seniors and single family earners who have damages to their property can't afford the extra expense. These home owners who have a geniune complaint and concerns about damage done to their property by raccoons.

FYI, This wasn't my idea. I got a call from some residents on Ranking asking for help, to help bring some attention to this incident with Mr Nguyen, many were mad about the arrest some felt it was an over kill. Mnay know the family and were suprised he got arrested been a family man and the only bread earner in the family.

Like me many on rankin or across the city don't support crueity to animals and I made that clear to the media and others who I spoke to, but this is a larger problem then everyone thinks like the emails I received explained. I don't believe My Nguyen is an isolated incident, nor will this be the last assult on raccoons. Home owners are frustrated and deserve the support or at least to be listen too. I hope I cleared a few things for you

When cameras Go Away, Jack Goes Away

I think the 50 or 60 regular folks of all stripes who show up on their own time to volunteer on community issues year after year and do the heavy lifting of bringing improvement to the community are the real Pubas of the hood. I would also add some of the unsung heros at the Library and other service organizations and local businesses who have stuck their neck out to open businesses. And also the many City workers who have quietly done their work and responded to locals (I can list hundreds of examples). If you ever where involved in anything but self publicity stunts you might know them.

And it's Funny you calling Vic's comments stupid when it was Vic who originally volunteered to help you establish this website and paid for it out of his own pocket before you vanished after one meeting (as usual) leaving everybody else to (successfully) keep JT.ca going. Vic continues to pay for the hosting and a few others help out with monitoring the code of conduct, something you should know about since it seems to apply to you almost exclusively. Thanks to Vic JT.ca gets thousands of reads and presents good opinions, news, events, all with a local angle.The site is read by people not in the immediate area and everybody knows that all the politicians read it too. A big success. And as usual when there was actual work involved you vanished like Tony Ruprecht.

As everybody knows Jack, when the cameras go away, you go away.

I think you been acting in your own films

Whatever Scott!!!

You must like hearing yourself go on. I merely said that I think for a smart guy like Vic to be making a comment like he did to a serious topice like this and to mention what he did, he was mocking what people felt. Not everyone agrees with you Scott and I guess they are wrong to your eyes. people have other views, surprising hey.

Personally I don't care what you think, so it don't matter to me. You mention Tony R, your forgot Mario Silva anyone eles???

Take care of it Mr. Ford

Yeah the city should fix all our problems but I bet the biggest complainers don't want to pay more taxes do they? I am overrun with ants that are moving my dirt around - HELP, the government needs to do something!

Forgot to add link that is very gray

Forgot to add link. If you go to the 2nd page of his link, bottom right you will see an area that I find to be gray and needs to be clear from the government. Leaving for the interpetation of an individual or group can lead to more stories like Mr Nguyen.


Lots of Raccoon Info Available

I dont know what this post means but did Mr. Nguyen click any of the links on this page to access information or assistance BEFORE he started beating animals to death as is alleged?

Did you read the ample information provided or call them to find out what help was available BEFORE you started complaining that the Province and City don't do anything?

I followed the links and learned a whole about raccoon proofing ones house, dealing with raccoons, who to call, and what the law is regarding animals. I called the number and got somebody on the line right away who was able to answer questions about raccoons. The wealth of info on the site has been up from the first day the City got on the web. The provincial website has links and info too. The councillor's office and 311 would have directed people to this web page as a starting point.

It is sad that beating animals and or ranting on TV seems easier to people as an option than going to the City website or calling a councillor.