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Hi all, New to the area and need suggestions for a daycare close to Perth and Wallace for November. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Where do your kids go?

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perth academy for early learning...

...they actually take kids 2 years old (not 2.5 yrs) and older. We are very happy with environment they create.

good luck,


Thanks Brian, My daughter

Thanks Brian,

My daughter will only be 12months old in November so that wont work for me unfortunately. Thank you for your feedback!


Jessica, if you are still having trouble securing a spot you should just pop in at Serendipity Home Child Care at the corner of Symington and Dupont. They take infants and toddlers and there are 2 people working together. Just have a look. I will get back to you regarding the Early Years programs.

A few options....

Not sure how old your child is but the Perth Early Learning Academy at Perth PS is great but they don't take kids until 2.5 years of age. Candy Factory at Symington and Bloor takes infants and I have a friend who sends her daughter there and is happy with it. There are tons of registered and unregistered homecare options in the neighbourhood too if you're interested.

Thank you! I am on a waiting

Thank you! I am on a waiting list at the candy factory and I think this will be one of my top picks!

Have you looked into

Have you looked into Serendipity Home Child Care at the corner of Symington and Dupont? I am not sure if you are looking for in home or day care settings but this is a good option of both since it is run by 2 RECE's. Their contact info is listed on this site. Good luck and all the best!

Early Years

Hi, I was thinking that since you do not need care until November you may wish to attend a couple of sessions of the Early Years Programs at Perth Avenue Public School and Pauline Public School starting in September to observe some of the home care providers in the area in action. This way you can interact with a few and see if you feel comfortable with one or two. I am not sure if the schedule for these programs will remain the same but I can post it here once I know it.

Hi Katie, Once you know the

Hi Katie,

Once you know the program schedules I'd love it if you could pass the info along. My child will be 12 months old in November.

Thanks for your suggestions!