The Rebirth of "Elsie"

So how did Elsie Mews come to be at 351 Wallace? Initially the developer suggested a name that had a personal connection to them but none to the community and then the City Surveyor researched names that had some significance to the area. It was noted by the surveyor and some residents that up until around 1910 there had in fact been an Elsie Avenue in almost the same spot. Its very rare that a street name from the past comes back and it presented a unique chance to reconnect with the history of the area. Another name that could come back in a new location is Royce (which is Dupont today) and an historical name that could become a street name in the future is Shedden after the farmer whose holdings came as far north as Wallace Avenue.

Below is a map from 1890 that shows the original street. Note at the corner of Ernest and Perth the original location of the Methodist Church that moved to the corner of Perth and Wallace in 1913 (and is now scheduled for redevelopment as condo's).

The Surveyor Report

Elsie AveElsie Ave


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Was it a "spokescow's" Fault?

Correct, I had not noticed the change from the staff report. Brian Hall from the map and survey division told me

"Ward Councillor Giambrone preferred the street type "Lane" instead of Mews. (It may have had to do with Mews sounding like Moo's. According to Wikipedia - Elsie the Cow has been the spokescow for the Borden Dairy Company since her introduction in 1936.)".

I like the job description of "spokescow". If the street continues south if Solways closes....

"If the street is continued, it should have the same name, "Elsie Lane"."

If anybody is interested I could post some more info about past street names in the area.


They should milk that name for all it's worth and call it Elsie Moos.

And yes, I'd love to have more articles posted here about street names or any other local history. If anyone else, besides Scott, wants to write something too, please get in touch. I personally haven't had much time to post here lately.


It's Elsie Lane, not Elsie

It's Elsie Lane, not Elsie Mews.

Interesting that there was a Soho St. roughly where Shoppers and Fresh Co. are and now Soho St. is over by Queen and Peter downtown.