Junction Triangle Library Services

The following notice comes from one of the meeting organizers:

The Perth/Dupont branch of the Toronto Public Library is popular spot in the Junction Triangle. Demand for its services has more than doubled since opening in 1977, and with the neighbourhood thriving, it will surely continue to grow. This bustling branch is one of the smallest in the Toronto Public Library system at 3600 square feet spread over three floors. With just a handful of reading spaces and computer workstations, the library struggles to accommodate groups in the tiny, second-floor meeting room. There is no elevator and washrooms are in the basement.

How can library services in the Junction Triangle be expanded in the current environment of fiscal restraint at City Hall? Is it possible to renovate or build a new library? Councillor Bailao supports the idea of matching contributions raised by the community with City money using Section 37 funds (i.e., fees paid by property developers for zoning allowances on building projects).

Our neighbourhood is undergoing a significant amount of development and the opportunity to obtain Section 37 funds for public projects like libraries now exists in the Junction Triangle. With the active support of the Councillor, a group of local residents is forming a committee to expand library services at the Perth/Dupont branch.

If you are interested in helping a great library grow, you are invited to the first meeting of the Junction Triangle Library Expansion Committee on Tuesday, August 16 at 7 p.m. in the Perth/Dupont Library (second floor meeting room) at 1589 Dupont Street.


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Mayor Rules Out Library Closings

According to the Toronto Star, at today's Executive Committtee meeting Mayor Ford stated that he does not support closing libraries as a way to meet the City's projected budget shortfall http://www.thestar.com/news/torontocouncil/article/1056360--ford-looks-f... Sounds a lot like good news!

Library Status According to the Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail has a detailed report today about potential library closings that is worth reading http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/toronto-libraries-n...

Good Turnout: Library Expansion Committee

Thanks to everybody who came out today to get involved with the Perth Dupont Library expansion steering group. We have some really smart and enthusiastic volunteers plus Councillor Bailao. Look on this website over the next few weeks for a new section devoted to improving and expanding our branch and asking for your ideas on what you would like to see in a new facility.

tough road ahead...but the JT can do it

Thanks for organizing the great meeting Kevin.
One thing is clear: It's not going to be an easy road ahead. But this community seems up to the challenge. If anyone can get this done it's this group of people led by such great community leaders in Kevin and Scott. Thanks for getting the ball rolling and putting your talents together for another important and worth-while cause.


The Impact of Renovated Libraries in Toronto

Karen Von Hahn has a great piece in the Toronto Star today about the impact that renovated libraires have made in communities around Toronto:

Over the past couple of years, despite being continually pressed by budget cuts, the Toronto Public Library has quietly been improving the cityscape with stylish renovations to its branches, making beautiful buildings everyone can enjoy, and raising the bar for world-class contemporary architecture and design along the way...

The story makes it easy to see what could happen in the Junction Triangle if we are successful in expanding the Perth/Dupont branch. You can see the complete article at http://www.thestar.com/printarticle/1042498

Great Article

Yes, I saw this article. I think to says so much.

Developers rant

Um, so, anyone up for restarting their Councillor Bailao's connections to the development industry rant and how those connections "still leave me wondering if she will put the needs of developers ahead of the desires of the community."



Kudos to the Clean Train Coalition for calling out MetroLinx regarding that flyer sent to the Georgetown Corridor residents awhile back ( See toronto star Sat. ) The flyer read like a great piece of fiction. Unfortunately Metrolinx is still trying to paint a pretty picture of the future. Thanks again to the CTC for keeping up the pressure! Good job.

Libraries of the Future

The Globe and Mail has an excellent article today about the new library in Surrey, British Columbia. For anyone interested in participating in the upcoming community consultation about what an expanded Perth/Dupont library should feature, this article provides a good overview of what libraries in the future might be like. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/the-librar...

The Globe

The Globe and Mail also mentioned The Perth Dupont expansion in the Toronto section along with the Mural drama on Dupont.

library meeting

we're sorry to have missed the meeting - we were busy having a baby! thanks to everyone for posting the info and updates here. looking forward to hearing more and hopefully participating in any future meetings.

Great work

Heard it on CBC radio this morning....nice work guys!

Library meeting - Torontoist

Library meeting - The Grid

The Grid posted an article about this meeting today:

Library Meeting Re-Cap

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Junction Triangle Library Expansion Committee meeting last night. It is very encouraging to see so many people out supporting our local library. We had so many people at the meeting, that we owe a special thanks to the Sporting Club Portugal at Dupont and Osler for hosting us at the last minute when we exceeded the meeting room capacity at the library.

Just to re-cap briefly, there was broad agreement on moving ahead with an expansion campaign for our library with a positive tone. Our library is not slated for closure, but should it become a target, then the Committee would change its focus. Councillor Bailao and Councillor Doucette, a Library Board member, both endorsed the approach and the initiative.

There are three possible options for expansion of our library:
1. Expand the current location by building an elevator and washrooms on the main floor, in the garden area at the back, and re-doing the front façade for approximately $1-million
2. Build a new 6500 sq. ft. library in the current location for $3-million
3. Build a new 10,000 sq. ft. library in a different location for $4.2-million

These options all have different advantages and conditions that will be explored over the coming months. The money to pay any of these options would be a mix of Section 37 money (fees that property developers pay for zoning allowances on their projects in our neighbourhood) and money raised by the community.

The Expansion Committee will be forming into a working group and meeting again in early September to plan a community consultation process. We will post details about time and location and everyone is welcome to join.


Library meeting tonight

Don't forget that the library expansion meeting is TONIGHT. Details above.

9 area Branches

Just wanting to know if anyone could name all the 9 library branches that were mentioned in the Villager by the city rep who was quoted? Does she really mean in walking distance? For crying out loud, Parkdale branch is a 2.3 km walk from the neighbourhood. What toddler or preschooler is making it there?

Library Petition Link

The councillors that are copied on the petition form letter are not Ward 18 Ana Bailao, but Wards 35, 5 and 7, as well as Rob Ford and the executive council.
I sent an email to Ana Bailao office also to let her know how I support Perth Dupont Public Library.

Petition emails

I do believe that Ana gets the emails too. IIRC, the email gets sent to that select group, and your local councillor according to the address you entered.

I got a reply from Ana a few days after submitting the petition (as did other people, from what I've seen).

But as always, it doesn't hurt to send personalized letters and make phone calls.

Library petition Link

Please follow link
to sign the petition and add your name regarding potential cutbacks and closures to our Toronto area public libraries.
If you would like to keep your local public library, please share this with others in our community and city, a larger number of people who sign the petition is an overall good thing. Add your personal comments and let city council know how you use the library, what services the library provides that mean a lot to you and your families and friends.

Check out the updates on the twitter feed on the link as well.