Street parking - when did it change?

Hi there! I've only been to this blog a couple of times, so forgive me if this has been discussed. Last night, I had a borrowed car from a family member overnight. We used to be able to park for a night on certain sections of Perth or Ruskin by the school, provided you'd moved your car in the morning. For the first time I noticed last night that every street in the area is now no parking without a street permit!

When did this change, and why? What are visitors and guests supposed to do? It seems unreasonable to have no places available for any short/overnight parking.

I ended up parking the car behind the garage in the alley. In the morning, it looks like someone keyed the door of the car. Which brings up another issue - the people hanging out in the alleys, dumping garbage, keying cars, making a mess. Does anyone else notice this?


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Spots in front of the new lofts @ Wallace should be commercial..

I'm just speaking as a business owner here; we should really have longer-term parking on Wallace Avenue in front of the new lofts (coincidentally, my office is there). Right now it's only 1-hour parking which is frustrating for visitors, clients, everyone associated with the Hackernest.

Just venting, I figured I could safely do that in a parking-related topic :)

Contact the Councillor

We are currently working with the councillor's office to change some parking situations around St. Seb's school because they are no longer working. Maybe you can have the 1 hour thing dropped. I think that was in place when the building was a lumber yard.

parking secret

we live on edwin and you must have a permit to park from midnight until 7am, which is fine when we need to park for at least a week but a bummer when we only need parking for one night, or a few hours.

i will share with you my occasional "free" parking secret. although now that you can finally purchase 1 day parking passes, we likely won't use it anymore. in a pinch, (and only for one night because we didn't want to pay for a whole week when we only needed to park for one night!) we have parked in the lot where the shwarma place is and have never received a ticket.

Overnight parking on bloor near High Park

It is far away, but it is free.

To my knowledge there isn't

To my knowledge there isn't anywhere in the city wherein you can park overnight on a city street without having a parking permit. It has been that way for some time. Before the online parking permits, my guests used to have to park at a Green P lot.

Overnight parking

Yup, Ruskin Ave, you sure could. Don't know when that changed. I'm pretty sure I parked my parents car there in 2010.

Passes Online

I was not aware there was ever free overnight parking on Perth.

You can now buy one night parking passes online at the City site:

Parking online - finally!

Good to see the parking permit system is online. We had a good run of evading the enforcement, but have been tagged a couple of times in the last couple of months when out of town guests visit. Nice to have the option to easily get a permit, instead of paying $30!!

Passes online

Yes, I've lived on the street for almost 12 years. You used to be able to park overnight on Ruskin as long as you moved your car by 7:30 or 8. I think you could also park on a small section by Antler. It's very frustrating that they've changed this, and there are no signs to indicate that you can buy a one night parking pass online. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Now that the church is moving out, it's about time they got rid of the 1 hour Saturday parking limit too. Absolutely absurd that you cannot have a guest park for more than 1 hour on the weekend.

Sat Parking Prohibition will be removed

The addition or removal of a parking prohibition has to go through Council. The removal of the Saturday prohibition will happen shortly. With the church it was almost impossible to find a parking spot anyway.

Passes online

I meant to write, a small section of *Perth Ave* by Antler. Anyway, thank you for your kind feedback. I suppose the only way to voice my opinion will be to write the local councilor.