Vacation Rental

I have family (2pple) coming to visit over the thanksgiving long weekend and I am looking for an apartment in the neighbourhood to rent for them so they are close by. If you happen to be going away and would be willing to consider renting me your place from Oct. 5/6 - Oct. 11/12th, please get in touch 416-601-8225.
Regards, Sara

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Thanks, Katie. I heard about

Thanks, Katie. I heard about that place. Thanks for the info!

Rental space

Have you checked at New Horizon's Tower at the corner of Dufferin and Bloor? I am not sure if they still do it but I know in the past that they did short term rentals. I know that it is a seniors residence but they also have students in there. It is on the subway line too. The operations director just retired so I am not sure of the policies put out by the new person. No harm in trying. 416-536-6111