Bloor Dundas Avenue Study

I understand this is being held today. Not sure why I got a flyer in the mail to attend when this does not include anything east of Dundas West and Bloor.

It would have been beneficial to include the stretch of Bloor which is in between Dundas West and Lansdowne. Very unfortunate that this has been overlooked, time after time.

All the points mentioned below, we are lacking:
* new development (whats going on with them? ie Blue22/Castle Point)
* identify needed service (bike lanes)
* transportation (need to merge GO and TTC, parking issues)
* streetscape improvements (we are dieing for improvements)

Highly dissappointed that we were not included. Hopefully I can attend tonight, but looks like I might be working late :(

Please voice your opinions if you do have chance to make it out.


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Bloor Dundas Avenue Study

Hi there just a followup on the Bloor Dundas Avenue Study. In my frustration I wrote to Mr. Cambray to express my disappointment that the Bloor Dundas West Avenue Study didn't include the Triangle. He has finally responded:

Original Email to Corvin Cambray:
>>> "Singhachaudhuri, Ranajit" 07/03/2008 3:22 PM >>>
Hi Corwin,

I was disappointed to see that the study excluded anything east of Dundas ie Bloor and Symington.

This area is lacking all of the points which you will be looking at:
• New development and identify needed service, transportation or streetscape improvements.

It is unfortunate that the south junction triangle continues to be overlooked, it's a really unique area.



From: Corwin Cambray []
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 5:03 PM
To: Singhachaudhuri, Ranajit
Subject: Re: Kick-Off Public Meeting


Thanks for your email.

In 2002, the City finished an Avenue Study for the portion of Bloor Street West between the rail corridor and Lansdowne Avenue (see map below). The City's Final Report on the Bloor - Lansdowne Avenue Study is available at:

Click on the "October 25, 2002 - Council Report" link. The Final report starts at the bottom of page 2. Appendix C starting on page 21 provides a series of recommendations. It does take time to see certain matters implemented, but progress is being made on recommendations that remain applicable.

Hope the above is helpful.