Video: Davenport Candidates Meeting at DPNC

Here is a complete video of the September 29 2011 Davenport provincial election candidates meeting at the Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre. Candidates from the four "major" parties were invited to participate: Frank de Jong (Green), Cristina Martins (Liberal), Kirk Russell (Progressive Conservative - did now show up), and Jonah Schein (NDP). Later in the evening, Communist candidate Miguel Figeuroa and independent candidate Mark Jagg were invited to the stage.

The format was simple: It was basically a Q&A session rather than a debate. Questions were submitted by various community groups and each candidate had a chance to answer it. Towards the end, questions were taken from the audience.

I counted roughly 150 people in the audience shortly after the meeting started.

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Apologies for the poor quality audio and video. My only video camera is a compact digital camera that takes video at 640x480 pixels and uses a built-in mic. Don't expect HD here, but it's good enough to watch and hear what the candidates are saying.