Perth Ave PS schoolyard development

Meeting to launch Perth Avenue P.S. school yard development. All interested are welcome - we will discuss an overall plan for the initiative.
Childcare will be provided in the gym.

Please RSVP to allisonwg [at] rogers [dot] com or send ideas/suggestions if you are unable to attend.

Location: Library at Perth Ave Public School


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More details - Perth School Yard Development

I'm not the organizer of this meeting - just helping out with posting info on this page. As I understand it, the discussion will be around how to make the yard more attractive and to include more sports and/or activity equipment for the kids. All this in the constraint that there is an old school foundation under the yard so the asphalt can't be turned into grass.

I believe ideas being sought include what you'd like to see in the school yard, and also how to fund raise for the initiative. I will ask for more info and post again if there is anything else relevant.

Can you give us some more

Can you give us some more details about this meeting next week, its hard to send suggestions without some scope of what the meeting is about...

thx in advance