Good Times Bad Times Cafe - Bloor and Sterling

Philip wrote:

I thought I would ask if you could post a notice about a new Tea and Dessert spot that just opened on October 31st, it is the GTBT (Good Times Bad Times Cafe) owners Juan and Marco have a large selection of great teas and home-made desserts, they also have a book exchange and games for patrons to play, plenty of seating available it has quickly gotten very busy -they will be getting WiFi soon and it is open late !! – Another great addition to the ever changing landscape that is Bloor west of Lansdowne.

Their address is 1421 Bloor Street West at the corner of Bloor and Sterling Road.

...and wrote some more :)

The latest arrival in the Bloor and Sterling Road area is the GTBT Cafe - it is a Tea Shop with home-made desserts, Juan and Marco opened the doors on October 31, and business has been building - this is a great spot to sit and read, play a game - apparently chess competitions are coming to the spot.

It has a very quaint feel and they are really happy to have found a home in our neighbourhood.
they are testing the hours but it looks like they are open from 7am to 10 pm most days.

This is where the short-lived "C-Store" variety used to be. It now has that wonderful un-earthed "8-11" sign! Check it out if you get a chance.

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Good Times Bad Times (The Tea Shop)

Glad to see this place re-opened after being closed for a few months.

One of the original owners, Juan, is still there, but with a new partner now. Similar to previous setup: Teas, coffee, some desserts (the brownies and carrot cake today were awesome!). They also have board games, books, etc...

They're planning on doing some community-minded stuff in their space too. I look forward to seeing this place prosper.

Books and chess boards

Do you know they have a good selection of books in their own book-sharing club? They also have chess boards and other games for whenever you are bored. The teas and the pies are so tasty. Could somebody take me on a date here? :)


Why wait for a date.. honetly as i expressed it to a friend. This cafe seems to be a haven for well adjusted individuals. Just come on down and strike a conversation with all the local folks!

GTBT reviewed in BlogTO

BlogTO has a review of Good Time Bad Times today:

I would be very into playing

I would be very into playing chess! It would be great to have a chess night.


Just say when. And i will be

Just say when. And i will be up for a game or two!

Reviews at Yelp

kid friendly

back to GTBT for tea again today...Juan makes those of us with little ones feel very, very welcomed. a great addition to the hood. will be a regular visitor.


I've heard a few rave reviews of their pies, so finally stopped to pick one up after work today. Just finished a couple of slices of Bumbleberry Pie and it was awesome. I see more pie consumption in my near future.

The prices are just right at

The prices are just right at $1.50 for tea. Juan and Marco are great at the art of conversation.


good times bad times is the bomb; i spent way too much time there with the amazing community they've built there until i left to travel once again.

Good Times Bad Times Cafe - Bloor and Sterling

The sign is finally gone! :) Thanks