Mercer Union Moving to Bloor 'n' Landsdowne

I wasn't aware of this but The Mercer Union Art Centre is moving from the Queen and Dufferin area to St Clarens Ave and Bloor. It will be housed in the old cinema building located at the bottom of St Clarens Avenue where it meets Bloor.

Mercer Union is a leading artist-run centre dedicated to contemporary art in Canada. Established in 1979 as a not-for-profit organization, the gallery supports engaging art and curatorial practices that consider contemporary conceptual and aesthetic debates. Showcasing local, national and international artists, Mercer’s twelve annual gallery exhibitions are complimented by critically engaged public programming activities that include lectures, screenings, performances, publications, special projects and events.

Glad to see another project come to the area. My parents still live on St Clarens, so now it gives me more reason to visit them.