Found: SLR Camera and accessories

Hi everyone,

I just came back from dinner and having a walk. When we were on Wade Ave. (near Jenet Ave.), we saw a couple of items sitting at the curb.

One was a radio/stereo with a note on it, saying something like "Please take it. It works, but the volume knob is broken".

The second item right next to it was a camera bag. Cool, I thought...I could use that. However, when I found that there was an SLR camera, some lenses, and a flash, we thought it was highly suspicious.

I have the camera at home now. I called it in to 14 Division too.

So...if anyone is missing a camera + accessories (or knows someone) and you can describe it, I will be happy to return it to the correct owner.

You can email me at: vic at gedris dot org
Or call me at: 416-538-2296