Train noise

Is it just me or has there been a serious increase in horn blowing by the passing trains recently? Especially in the morning! I would love to get my full nights sleep but am being woken up by this nearly every day. Looking online it seems there is possibly construction going on at Dupont but since I haven't been up that direction in a bit I'm not sure if this is the case or the cause.

If it is does anyone know when they'll be done? And do they really need to excessively blow the horn? I realize they have to let workers know there coming for safety reasons but a couple of quick toots should do it. It seems it goes on forever. Or perhaps it just seems that way as I'm grumpy and being woken up!

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We live next to the CN line

We live next to the CN line and the former storage building We have noticed an increase in horn blowing as well especially during and since the fire. I believe this is done to protect the people and vehicles now in and around the CN line. We can only hear the horns on the CN line and not the GO ones Hopefully in a few more days when the building is down and the equipment is gone the horn blowing will go back to its usual levels.

Train Noise Complaints
You can go to the GO website and register to receive
their newsletter which now has monthly updates on the
horrors (they call them inconveniences) to come as they build this massive project.
Complaints: Kelly at 18 Hook Ave

Excellent thanks for the

Excellent thanks for the info. Hopefully everyone who's having problems with this has/will bring it up to them. While I absolutely understand the need to protect the workers. There's also a need for consideration of the people that live near railways. These things don't have to necessarily be mutually exclusive!

Anyone know to whom and how

Anyone know to whom and how one would complain about this? There must be quite a few people noticing this and having sleep disrupted daily!

Thought I was the only one

Thought I was the only one hearing this..I always cringe when this happens daily as I have a little baby who is sleeping and has had issues with waking up during the night- horrible!!
This has got to stop!