Daycare available

I'm a stay-at-home mom taking time off before I pursue my masters. Currently I have 2 spots available in my home daycare. My rate is $55/day and I offer:
- home cooked meals made with organic meats and dairy.
- an emphasis on socializtion and being outdoors. We spend our mornings at various "Ontario Early Years Centres" and our afternoons at the park.
- routine and structure where the children are led by song i.e. we always sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" at nap and "clean up" when cleaning.
- strong emphasis on building independence in a warm and nurturing environment.
- chemical free environment (I make my own all natural cleaners).
- flexible drop-off times
- daily emails to communicate how our day went including cute videos and pictures (for your eyes only).
- pet friendly environment with a dog who loves children, providing a safe space to engage with animals. I can't stress enough how much the children love my pets!

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Vital information missing in above post!

If interested in the above post you can contact me at: or (647) 970 - 8756.