Win a new schoolyard for Perth Ave. (Round 2!)


Vote for the Perth Ave Public School / St. Luigi Catholic Schoolyard Project to Win 1 of 4 $50,000 Grants Through the Team Up Foundation Fund. Thanks to your support we are already in the Top Ten. Final round of voting is from Wed. March 7 to Fri. March 16. Vote every day – it's easy!


Step #1: Go online to register at:
Step #2: Scan through the Candidates to find our application: Perth Avenue Public School/St. Luigi Catholic School
Step #3: Click on Vote for this Charity, where you will Register and submit your vote. Vote daily.
Step #4: Anyone with an email address can vote. Get your kids and family voting and forward this message to your entire address book – our kids will thank you! Remind others to vote daily.

For those that do not have access to a computer, from Wednesday, March 7 to Friday, March 9, students are encouraged to vote at school and a school computer will be made accessible for the public to vote. For assistance voting call Perth School 416-393-1410 or St. Luigi's 416-393-5370. During the March Break (March 12-16) a computer will be made available at the Boys and Girls Club 1379 Bloor St. For questions call The Boys and Girls Club at 416-530-4233. Public computers are available for voting anytime at the Perth Dupont Library or other City of Toronto Library during their regular business hours.

Voto de Perth Ave de Escuelas Public/St. Luigi Católica de Parque Infantil para ganhar 1 de 4 us $50.000 bolsas oferecidas pela Team Up Foundation Fund. Muito Obrigado pelo vosso apoio, conseguimos ser entre os 10 primeiros. A ronda final par voto é quarta-feira 7 de Março a sexta-feira 16 de Março. Votação de cada dia - é muito fácil!

Fase #1: Registro online:
Fase #2: Ele olha para a aplicação:" Perth Avenue Public School/St. Luigi Catholic School"
Fase #3: Clique em "Vote for this Charity", onde se pode registar e apresentar o seu voto. Votação de cada dia.
Fase #4: Qualquer pessoa com um endereço de e-mail não posso votar. Que envolve os vossos filhos e família e em frente esta mensagem ao seu livro de endereços - os nossos filhos, apreciar! Lembre-se do outro para votar para todos os dias.

Para aqueles que não têm acesso a um computador, desde quarta-feira 7 de Março a sexta-feira 9 de Março, todos os alunos têm a oportunidade de votar nas escolas e um computador será disponível para o público pode votar. Assistência para votação de Perth Escola 416-393-1410 ou St. Luigi da 416-393-5 370. Durante o intervalo de Março (Marzo 12-16) um computador estará disponível para os Meninos e Meninas Club 1379 Bloor St. Para mais informações, ligue os Meninos e Meninas Club no 416-530-4223. Público computadores estão disponíveis para votar qualquer dia em Perth/Dupont Biblioteca ou qualquer Ciudad de Toronto Biblioteca durante a sua abertura horas.

为PERTH AVENUE 赢取一个新的运动场吧! The Perth Ave Public School 正在为了St. Luigi Catholic Schoolyard Project

(运动场计 )而在向 Team Up Foundation Fund (合作基金会)提出申请,请你积 投票,共有四个项目能胜出,让
感谢 的支持,目前我们已经排名在前
十位 !最后一轮的投票,将从周三,3月7日 始,到周五,3月16日结束。每天都能投票——步骤非常简单!
步骤二:在Candidates选择项中找到我们的申请:Perth Avenue Public School/St. Luigi Catholic School
步骤三:投这个项目的票,点击后, 需要注册并且提交 的投票,每天都可以投。
步骤四:每个有电子邮箱的人都可以投,动员 的孩子、其他家庭成员,甚至 通讯簿上的亲朋好友都一起来吧!——
孩子们会感谢 的!请提醒他们,每天都可以投!
公众投票使用。如果 需要帮助的话,请致电: Perth School ,号码为:416-393-1410 或者 St. Luigi's ,号码为:
416-393-5370 在春假期间(3月12日到16日),位于1379 Bloor St 的The Boys and Girls Club(男女生 乐部)也会有一台电
脑供 使用,如有问题可以致电: The Boys and Girls Club ,号码为:416-530-4233. 此外,在The Perth Dupont Library
以及其他的多伦多市图书馆的电脑,只要在 放时间,都可以用来投票。


Vota para Perth Ave Public School/St. Luigi Catholic Proyecto de Patio de Recreo para Ganar 1 de 4 $50,000 becas ofrecido por Team Up Foundation Fund. Gracias por su apoyo, hemos logrado estar entre los primeros 10. La ronda final par votar es de Miércoles, 7 de Marzo a Viernes, 16 de Marzo. Vota todos los días – es muy fácil!

Etapa #1: registrase en línea:
Etapa #2: Busca la aplicación: Perth Avenue Public School/St. Luigi Catholic School
Etapa #3: Clic en "Vote for this Charity," donde puede Registrar y someter su voto. Vota cada día.
Etapa #4: Cualquiera persona con una dirección de correo electrónico puedo votar. Involucra a tus hijos y familia y reenvía este mensaje a tu libreta de direcciones – nuestros hijos se lo agradecerán! Recuerde al los demás que voten todos los días.

Para los que no tienen acceso a una computadora, desde el Miércoles, Marzo 7 a Viernes, Marzo 9, Todos los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de votar en sus escuelas y una computadora será disponible para que el publico pueda votar. Para a asistencia de votar llame a Perth School 416-393-1410 o St. Luigi's 416-393-5370. Durante el March Break (March 12-16) una computadora será disponible en el Boys and Girls Club 1379 Bloor St. Para mas información llame al Boys and Girls Club at 416-530-4233. Computadoras Publicas son disponible para votar cualquier día en Perth Dupont Library o cualquier City of Toronto Library durante sus horas de apertura.


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Good Job JT Community!!

A great big shout out to this wonderful area! The effort by the Perth School Yard committee has been fabulous! The voting done by those who live within and around the area, whether or not their children currently attend Perth PS is to be acknowledged too.

Well done neighbours!

The Grant was won!

For anyone who hasn't heard, St. Luigi's and Perth were one of the winners for the grant!! Great job to all of those who worked tirelessly to get this grant. That is one step towards creating a new school yard for the children of this community.

Great work to the organizers

Great work to the organizers and volunteers who brought this together and made it happen....

Another positive step forward for our community building and children :)


here here!

a fantastic job! thanks be to everyone on the committee, to everyone who dropped off flyers, to everyone who posted everyday on facebook and to everyone who voted! just one more fabulous reason to love this neighbourhood!

Thanks to the Perth School Yard Committee

Thanks to the Perth School Yard Committee for doing the legwork and keeping excited enough to vote. Its hard to sustain public interest in projects but you did. Congrats.

We have slipped to 3rd place

Please everyone make sure you vote before 12 noon today. Others have surged overnight and we are now in third place.



Please vote for our kids

Please vote for our kids before 12:OO noon today, we are now in third place.

We finished in third place.

We finished in third place. OUR KIDS ARE THE FUTURE congratulations

Final stretch for playground vote

Just over two days left for voting. The Perth / St. Luigi playground has been jostling back and forth in first/second place.

Please make sure you vote on these last couple of days. It could make a big difference, especially if any of the other orgs have a last-minute vote push.

A revitalized playground in our neighbourhood would be amazing.

Vote Thursday AND Friday Morning

Less than a day left but the top 5 are all close to each other so a concentrated vote on Friday morning could change things. So dont let that number 1 ranking fool you....our kids need your vote today, and on Friday morning.

Keep Up The Support For JT Kds

The voting is going well but it is very important to keep voting every day to build up a margin.

I was involved in another contest like this and one of the groups staged a huge vote getting drive on the last day and went from almost last to first. This is a great project and will help provide a safer and more interesting place for kids to play at school; it benefits the entire community.

So vote every day.

Support the children of these schools

Please remember to vote everyday!! Support the children of our neighbourhood. I really wish that they never took out the 2 play structures that were in the Perth School Yard. The smaller playground was in the pit right in front of the kindergarten entrances and the one for the older kids was in the area that now houses the smaller playground. There currently is not enough for the children. There needs to be more for the older kids to do. At least they got rid of the rocket ship slide that sat on concrete at the south entrance to the yard just off of Perth.