Galleria Mall

Does anyone know the plans for Galleria Mall?

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Galleria Mall Sold!

Its official. The Galleria Mall has been sold to Freed Development. Nothing will get underway for about three years but the deal is done.

Galleria mall has so much potential

You know what if someone upgraded that mall it could be a seriously happening place. Half the stores there have been selling the same items from 10 years ago.

Does anyone know the extent

Does anyone know the extent of the development? I just hope they are not going to overpopulate that space with an urban jungle of towers. It seems weird though. Rexall put in some money to fix up their space along with FreshCo. Why would they have done that if this was in the works? I'm not a fan of the fact that if they get rid of FreshCo, Metro will have a monopoly over our grocery needs and quite frankly those who are in need of a more affordable option, won't have that if you live along Dupont. Yes, there is NoFrills but that's further south and anything along Dupont now is ripe with the big giants in Sobey's, Loblaws and Metro. To boot, we don't even have a solid fruit and veggie stand along this strip.

It is Sobey's

Freshco is owned by Sobey's. There aren't many independent grocery stores, even the Independent Grocers are owned by Loblaws. Urban Acorn Market is on on Dupont very soon though.

Im aware that it is part of

Im aware that it is part of Sobey's my point was it doesn't have Sobey's prices!

Dollarama is now open

Dollarama opened today at Galleria and FreshCo is opening on Thursday October 25th according to the sign on thier store.

Down the Street?

Where down the street? What will become of the College Metro store near by?
Will one of them become a Baics? (a guess based on the fact that Metro and Basics are the same company)

The Metro & Shoppers Drug

The Metro & Shoppers Drug Mart are going in at Dupont & Lansdowne into the Fuse development (north west corner).

That's quite far from the College St. Metro, don't see how it would be a conflict.

When will the metro and

When will the metro and shoppers open on dupont and lansdowen?

I'd venture to guess another

I'd venture to guess another year...

I called the FUSE developer a

I called the FUSE developer a few weeks because I was curious. It won't happen until the building is up. So we're looking at more like 2015.

They're closer together than

They're closer together than the Basics stores in Toronto are...(I honestly don't know if I am being funny or serious.)

Metro Distances

The Liberty Village Metro & The College Metro are 2.5km apart.
Whereas the College Metro to the future Dupont & Lansdowne Metro is 3.5km. If they don't have a problem with the Liberty Village & College Metro's being that close together, I cant see how they'd have a problem with one at Dupont & Lansdowne...

Was at Galleria tonight and

Was at Galleria tonight and there were signs up advertising that Dollarama was moving into the space were the off track betting was. Also Price Chopper is being converted into a Fresh Co. I have never seen any zoning amendment signs up so I don't know what possible condo development could go there.

Someone mentioned there are

Someone mentioned there are signs near the Standard lofts indicating re-zoning, does anyone have more details? Could this be the reason a new Dollarama is springing up in Galleria as the on on Lansdowne will be gone based on this re-zoning?

I walked past Standard the

I walked past Standard the other night and took a look at the signs. It is not re-zoning it is Consent Application. It states "to obtain consent to the creation of an easement" and "to sever the property into 2 lots, create easements + partially discharge a mortgage(s)".
There are 6 signs posted, and all have a date of July 11, 2012 for when it will be decided at city hall. It is being held at 3pm in meeting room 2 on the second floor of city hall. For more info call 416-392-7565.

Also from Ana Bailao's Website:
"Currently, a Site Plan Amendment Application has been submitted for this site which seeks to consolidate the garbage area and improve pedestrian connections and landscaping."

I do not believe it is connected to Dolarama's opening in Galleria Mall, and Dolarama on Lansdowne appears to be staying open.

Other interesting news is that apparently Price Chopper is also leaving the mall.
Anyone know what will come of the Zellers and Price Chopper spots?

Fresh Co.

It says on a sign in the mall that Price Chopper is being converted into Fresh Co.

The Freshco is shaping up to

The Freshco is shaping up to be a great alternative to the eventual Metro...looks like the Dollar store is about ready to open...and word was Canadian Tire was going into the old if they can only knock down those two stores(pet and cafe) to make the LCBO expand...

Those 2 stores in question are been used by the community

Just because Anonymous doesn't go into the stores to shop or have a coffee doesn't mean others can't. Why should they knock it down because one person who doesn't want to use their name say so. I seen people people shop in those stores and have coffee as well. WHO ARE YOU????


First of all I have lived in this area for years. I know the people who work in the pet store. There not many people who go into that store, or the coffee bakery place. So your information is clearly one sided and wrong. Get your facts straight!So yes they should close them down, and build something better for everyone!

The market....

For good or bad, the market and peoples' spending habits will determine what happens here. Businesses and development follow the money.

It was a jest

Jack, I think you are missing the joke which was "lets have a bigger LCBO". I dont think the writer actually has anything against those stores. I for one would like a bigger LCBO there too.

Yes Jack that's exactly what

Yes Jack that's exactly what I meant...but then again, considering the massive amount of development in the area, they will need a bigger location than the one that is currently there...that Jack is not a joke!

Any word on what will become

Any word on what will become of the ZELLERS? Is my pipe dream of a WINNERS just that? And what of the existing Dollarrama at Lansdowne? Seeing the condos go up, why do I feel that space will be attracting different retail? Any idea?


In 2004 the Galleria development was approved for 1,565 res units but long time leases by McDonalds and Zellers led to phasing issues.

The closed Galleria Zellers is one of 84 stores left in limbo after 189 were bought by Target, (Cloverdale, Centrepoint, Danforth, Woodbine Ctr, Bridlewood, East York TC), which spun off 39 to Walmart (Gerrard Sq, Sheridan, Cedarbrae). Zellers said it would attempt to sell the 84 to other retailers or the land owner.
Price Chopper is also a category under performer. Over the past 2 years some have closed and others repackaged as FreshCo.

Not sure if the stalled mall project will restart. The condo market is strong particularly in ward 18, but it's not easy competing with the thousands of relatively cheap units flooding the market a couple of blocks away along Lansdowne (and elsewhere) as cheap industrial land is being redesignated for condos. Falus admits "they got the land for a decent price.."

I'm not sure Falus owns that

I'm not sure Falus owns that site. I think it is a U.S. based group. Dollarama is apparently moving into the mall.

I had heard rumours that he

I had heard rumours that he was a partner in the deal, but I definitely could have been led astray.

Just did some googling, and found this from 2004 which lists the owner as Marca Development Corporation on the first page, but farther in it lists the owner as Ontario Potato Distributing Inc.

Dollarama is interesting, as there is already a location very close in the Standard Lofts.

Zellers is now closing, as is

Zellers is now closing, as is the dollar store. Does anyone know if anything new is planning to go in, or is Falus letting the leases run out, and still planning on doing another mega development there?

As Metro and Shoppers Drug Mart will be going in just down the street, I wonder what the fate will be for the Price Chopper and Pharma Plus? McDonalds recently underwent a renovation, but nothing else has changed in that mall for some time.