Crazy Dog Lady - anyone else run into her?

Crazy Dog Lady

Was at the sprinkler pad today and there were tons of kids there. Lots of 2 and unders. So this woman prances right through that area with her big dog which I might add is not on a leash... Now I'm sure her dog was very nice and a good dog or she wouldn't have let it roam around. I don't have a problem with dogs at all but, is it not the law that her dog should be on a leash? Especially where there are tons of little kids around? So I stood up and calmly said to her that her dog should be on a leash. Well....CRAZY LADY then started yelling at me, can you believe it? all the while twisting her face into the most witchlike grin I'd ever seen on someone who wasn't in a show, and told me she lived across the street and it's hot out and blah blah blah. Well, I felt sorry for her. I really did. I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction. Clearly she doesn't have a happy life. I mean if you did, you wouldn't react the way she did. It was nuts. Then she told me what a bad example I was for living one's life correctly because I drove to the park (she seemed to follow me as I was leaving. I think she wanted to get the last word) and that THIS WASN"T MY NEIGHBOURHOOD!! Well lovely I thought, how welcoming is that? I walk all the time when I go places but I was visiting a friend in the area and I drove and stopped at the park on the way home. Is that a terrible thing to do??? I just had to share this as a way of letting things go. I love the junction. One of the best areas in Toronto. I have no hard feelings towards her and hope that she has a nice summer. I'll be back at that park and may even say hello to her if I see her but..... next time I'm wearing garlic around my neck!