Is there any desire for T-shirts to represent our neighbourhood? Does anybody have designs? I would wear a Junction Triangle t-shirt proudly if there were some to have.

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If there was a t-short with a good design, I'd probably get one too.

One option would be to have DIY silkscreening during a local festival / picnic / etc. Could have a common design that anyone could add a unique touch to.

In the late 90's when I was

In the late 90's when I was chairing the Parkdale Festival I decided to do some Parkdale t shirts as a community pride project and was surprised when they all sold out BEFORE the festival day. Since that day you can actually buy about 4 different Parkdale designs from different stores on Queen Street. By the way etching silk screens has never been easier.


How much did the Parkdale tee-shirts sell for? If I remember correctly, Jowie Taylor is wearing a Parkdale tee, on his book cover for Six String Nation. Maybe Kristen can wear a JT shirt for her next book cover too. :-P

The original shirts were high

The original shirts were high quality and double screened in 2 colours. They still look great today and were patterned off the old Toronto street signs. I sold them at cost which was about 12$. You can now buy all different kinds of Parkdale shirts in stores or online.

I've been trying to get one

I've been trying to get one of those Parkdale shirts for quite some time now. Do they still sell them?


I'd wear one too. Maybe not on a book cover but maybe on the jacket flap? ;-D
I saw a funny Parkdale one the other day, something about an alien....