Hot Water Fraud

Just had a pushy sales rep (a young girl, green eyes brown hair about 5 feet tall) from “Ontario Consumer” at the door claiming to be acting on behalf of Direct Energy. I called Direct Energy and she is lying and it’s a scam. Don’t give her entry to your home (she will claim she needs to know the size of your hot water tank to make an appointment for an upgrade) and definitely don’t sign anything. Don't know why these people are still allowed to operate. No legitimate supplier will come to your door in this fashion and lie to you.


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Thanks for posting this :)

Thanks for posting this :)

The same can be said for

The same can be said for Natural Gas providers. They will try and get you to show them your gas bill. It's none of their business - don't do it!

Summit Energy is worst offender

I dont know why we are over run with these scammers but we get at least one a week. The worst is Summit Energy which if you look it up has hundreds of complaints by people listed online for fooling people and impersonating others.

I think when somebody lies to gain access to your house they should be charged by the police.

By the way, contrary to what these scam artists have been saying at our doors for years, gas prices have gone down over the last 10 years and will probably fall even lower according to most energy analysts. Anybody who signed up with them has been paying MORE than the market price despite the spiel they give you at the door.

Seen on Perth

She was working her way north on Perth about 3 this afternoon.