Train Wall Horror Show

From the Junction Triangle Rail Committee:

Sunday, September 16, 2012
12 Noon – 3 p.m.
Perth Square Park (350 Perth Avenue)

For anyone wondering what the future of diesel train service in the Junction Triangle will look like, you can see it on display in Perth Square Park on Sunday, September 16 from Noon til 3 p.m.

As part of the massive diesel train expansion now under construction on the Georgetown South rail corridor, the provincial government will be installing five metre high fences all along the tracks bordering our neighbourhood. For this one occasion only, the wannabe engineers of the Junction Triangle Rail Committee will be constructing and displaying the kind of things Dalton McGuinty wants to grow in Ontario, train walls.

Everyone will be horrified at the price the government is asking neighbourhoods along the corridor to shoulder in a rush to build a rail link to the airport in time for a two-week sporting event. You don’t need to wait for Halloween to get scared, come out and see how the Pan Am Games is going to divide West Toronto with sixteen feet, four inches of ugly.

At great personal expense, we will also be displaying all of the barriers required by clean, quiet, electric trains – something we advocate (along with the rest of the modern world).

Don’t be late, we could get arrested for this one. Our event is free and open to everyone, but be warned, these images are disturbing.


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interesting article from UK

oops here it is

Diesel Carbon Hard To Ignore

From the story linked....

"We all know that diesel is massively expensive so if we can move over to electric trains, not only are they greener, they're also cheaper and also they are lighter too, so what that means is that when they are on the track they don't damage it so much, so maintenance costs go down too.

Rail electrification is an important part of the Department's carbon strategy. Typically an electric train emits between 20% and 35% less carbon per passenger mile than a diesel train. This benefit will only improve as the electricity generation industry reduces its carbon levels. Electric trains also have zero emissions at the point of use, of particular benefit for air quality in pollution hot spots like city centres and mainline stations such as London Paddington."

Its sad that everybody else gets this but Dalton McGuinty. If you search online you find that the case for electric is over and done with except here in the dark ages.

Diesel Train Wall Exhibit Now on Display

If you missed the Train Wall Horror Show on Sunday, a display panel detailing the location of the walls, the material options for the construction of these massive barriers along with details about this Pan Am Games legacy project can be found at the Perth/Dupont branch of the Toronto Public Library (1589 Dupont Street). Please take a moment to drop by.

CTV News Posts News Story About Diesel Trains

CTV News has posted a story about the diesel airport rail link following Sunday's Train Wall event.

Bring Your Camera

Hope you'll bring your camera on Sunday for the Train Wall Horror Show in Perth Square Park from Noon until 3 p.m. Pose for a picture in front of the Train Wall and show your friends how the Pan Am Games is going to divide West Toronto with 16 feet, four inches of ugly.
Our event is free, family friendly and open to everyone, but be warned, the images are disturbing.

You don't want train

You don't want train walls?

Why aren't you advocating for a GTA sales tax to help pay for transit? Why not congestion charges, road tolls, etc?

Because electrification costs money. Money that we don't have, and money that needs to be shared equally with all of the GTA's transit projects.

Electric Best value for taxpayers and commuters

Electrification would cost about 440 million dollars today and could be built by the time of the Pan Am Games as described in public by Metrolinx's electrification consultant. For reasons that nobody can understand we are supposed to wait till some unknown future time and electrify and pay way more.Its funny how easy it is to blow 180 million cancelling a power station during an election but 440 million that even Metrolinx says is good value is the impossible dream.

As per Metrolinx's own studies an electric system would provide the opportunity for more stops, more revenue and more economic activity not even including the production of Canadian Bombardier electric trains made right here in Ontario providing Ontario jobs and tax revenues.

The current plan is a 3ard string solution to a 2 week sporting event that nobody cares about. Why cant we have a modern solution that benefits taxpayers and commuters for the next 100 years? Just like every other city upgrading or building new commuter systems everywhere in the world?

Road tolls? Great I use them all the time when I ravel in the land of the free south of the border or in Europe. Bring them on. That doesnt mean the provincial government gets to waste further money.

Can`t Argue With Shadows

Of course transit costs money and I would like to discuss this issue with you more, but unless you think this is East Germany and you need to conceal your identity, there is no point in attempting to discuss the matter when you hide behind anonymous postings. Is there some reason you can`t put your name on your comments?

Ugly, what do you think?

The government rail authority Metrolinx has posted images of the train walls that will be built through the Junction Triangle along the West Toronto Railpath in 2014 as part of the massive diesel train expansion now under construction
If you're struggling to comprehend just how massive (5 metres tall/16 feet, 4 inches) and ugly these walls are, please join us this Sunday for the Train Wall Horror Show in Perth Square Park from Noon to 3 p.m.