Book Fundraising for Perth Public School

Hi All,

There's a book fundraising event currently going on to expand libraries of underfunded schools across the country. Our neighbourhood school, Perth Public School is listed among them.

You can help give a book to Perth P.S. by:
1) Buying Indigo e-giftcards. For each $25 giftcard purchased (for your own purposes), 1 book will be donated to Perth P.S. Gift cards do not expire.
2) Adopt Perth P.S. (For every 50 adopters, Perth P.S. will receive 1 free book)
3) Giving a cash donation where every $12 gives 1 book to Perth P.S. (non-tax deductible)
4) Above #1-3 will earn Perth P.S. a point (as well as referrals resulting in the above actions). Top 10 schools with the highest points will win 50 free books.

This is a great way for you to contribute in expanding our neighbourhood school's library and children's imagination. You can do so at:

If you are planning to make purchases from Indigo in the future (Christmas is coming), this is a great way to help a school at the same time. Can be used for online purchases too.

Spread the word.

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Forgot to clarify

Forgot to clarify that either Options 1, 2 or 3 will give Perth P.S. a point for the Top 10 win 50 free books contest. Adopting Perth P.S. is FREE, as well as referring others to adopt Perth P.S., both of which will help Perth P.S. earn points for the contest....GO PERTH P.S.! GO JT!