7th Annual Pumpkin Lighting in Carlton Park

Photo from Carlton Park Pumpkin Lighting, 2009: By Vic GedrisPhoto from Carlton Park Pumpkin Lighting, 2009: By Vic Gedris

PLEASE JOIN US for our annual Pumpkin Lighting in Carlton Park (on Edith Avenue) on Thursday, November 1st, 2012, starting at 6:30 p.m. and continuing to midnight.

Bring your jack-o-lanterns (with a tealight inside), line them up around the splash pond, and light them in a dazzling display of Halloween creativity that will delight children and adults alike. At midnight, the lights will be doused and the pumpkins left at the park for the City to pick up the next day for composting.

Children have a wonderful time dashing about and playing with each other in the twilight, while adults have a chance to visit and get to know their neighbours in this fun community-building event.

So invite your friends and neighbours, bring a thermos of hot cocoa or cider and your pumpkins, and come enjoy this creative community gathering before we all hibernate for the winter!

Update: Event organizer Shelley updated us with the following: "I am delighted to inform you that a member of the community, Alexandra Oleksak, has come forth and donated the entire amount required for the permit."

Thanks Alexandra!


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You're welcome!!!

Thank you for all the "thank you's", it was my first year and I think it's a wonderful community event that brings everyone together. Everyone was so thankful and it truly touched my heart to do something like this for our neighbourhood. Despite the cold last evening, it was a great gathering and it was really nice meeting some of you and your kids!

Shelley, thanks for keeping the pumpkin lighting going for 7 years and the yummy apple cider, it was a pleasure to meet you face to face!

How to start an event like this

Hi there! I am a west end resident, in the Corso Italia neighbourhood. I love this idea and was wondering how one would go up setting something up like in our local park (Earlscourt)?


will there be a donation box thursday night for folks who would like to drop off donations for next year?

Rain or shine...

We are so happy to know this event can take place again this year.

If it is raining, we hope the community will still stop by under cover of umbrellas, to enjoy a cup of hot cider while we all marvel at the creative artistry of the pumpkins. Last year, we finally hit the 100 pumpkin mark...looking forward to seeing how many we'll get this year!

Meanwhile, donations continue to be gratefully accepted to cover the cost of next year's permit. Our thanks again to Alexandra.