Moderation of Anonymous / Unverified Accounts

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed recently that when you post to this site, your message has to be moderated before it shows up publicly.

This is a change that I've avoided for 5 years, but the time has come. The simple reason is that too much spam / advertising has been slipping through the spam filters. This is particularly troublesome overnight or when I'm away from Internet access when I can't delete spam immediately.

If you want to avoid this problem and have your messages posted instantly, please create an account and use it when posting messages. This will bypass the moderation requirements for you, and your posts will be displayed immediately. If you wish to keep posting anonymously or without signing in, that's OK, just realize that it may take some time before your message gets moderated (and it may disappear in the floods of spam).

This change has already drastically reduced the amount of spam that ends up getting posted over the last few days, though a few still slip through.

Thanks for understanding. Please have another look at this website's Code of Conduct too.


PS... Here's a visualization of how many spam attempts have been hitting this site. I used to think it was really bad, but the last couple of months have been ridiculously worse. I think this has been overloading the anti-spam server causing more of them to slip through.

How much spam do we get? This much!How much spam do we get? This much!