Carlton Park upgrades in 2013

From Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao's post to the Carlton Park People's Auxiliary facebook page:

Dear Residents,

In an effort to build our local park infrastructure, I am ensuring that major upgrades will happen in the summer of 2013 in Carlton Park.

This is an invitation to participate in the design review process on Monday, December 3rd, 7:45PM at St. Sebastien Catholic School (717 Brock Ave), Classroom 116.

You may be already be aware that a public meeting was held with residents in Fall 2011 to ask for a wish list. Taking our budget for such improvements into account, I then selected several items from the resident wish-list and brought the proposals back to the community for approval in Spring 2012. Once this was received, Parks staff generated drawings and this public meeting is the next step in the process.

I was able to allocate more than $160,000 of Section 42 (park levy) funding to these upgrades, as a result of money raised from nearby development projects. I am pleased that Parks capital staff have also decided to put in additional funding. Our community will soon benefit from:

  • Removal of the baseball diamond and possible conversion to junior soccer field
  • Asphalt path, seat walls, fencing
  • New drinking fountain with dog bowl

You can look forward to seeing visual representations of these proposed changes at this upcoming meeting and I look forward to your participation in the design selection process as we move closer to implementation in the summer of 2013.

I hope you can join us on December 3rd!


Councillor Ana Bailao
Ward 18, Davenport


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get rid of the basket ball court

nobody from the neighbourhood plays basket ball just get rid of it its useless for this neighbourhood I haved lived here for at least 30 years and have not once seen anyone from the neighbourhood play basket ball the basket ball should be moved across the tracks at Pelham