How many towers?

Can someone let me know how much development is planned for the area surrounding the Standard Lofts on Dupont and Lansdowne? I initially saw the one condo that you can plainly see walking west on Dupont slightly past Lansdowne but behind that I noticed there is another one. I only thought the Upside Down Condos were going there what is this other condo? Also, does that mean there is the potential of 4 condos within that radius(with Fuse 1 and 2 coming) along with the proposal where the Skor Cash and Carry is? Did they account for the massive amount of traffic that will cause(especially when the Metro and Shoppers comes in) and how much the 26 bus line will need to not scale back but increase? Help...

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Development Map

Go to and there is a map where you can zoom in and look at developments. There are 5 slated for that corner. In at least one case the OMB overruled the planning department. You think Lansdowne and Dupont is busy now.....

There are two condos slated

There are two condos slated for the south west corner (upside down condo prices and my electric city) and then the two fuse developments (fuse and fuse 2) for the north west corner.