Townhomes at Symington and Dupont St.

Hey all, I just move in to a townhouse in the North-West corner of Symington and Dupont.
I wanted to disgust few issues with the constriction of the home and the materials used.

I have a problem with windows; the water is condensing on the inside causing minor mold and fly infestation. Is it because of the quality of windows or it is caused by the way the windows were installed?

Also, second floor seems to be much cooler in the winter although the furnace is blowing enough hot air.
Could it be caused by the amount of the insulation in the attic?
Thanx all, cheers


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Re: Townhomes at Symington and Dupont St.

The windows in my townhouse (not the same development) will quite frequently develop moisture in fall and early spring when it is cool outside and after a rain/snow event. From what I've read I think its because the house is too air tight and not allowing the moisture to escape. Opening the window a small crack fixed the issue and didn't affect the temperature in a great way.

I would suggest getting a "Hygrometer" to determine the humidity level within various rooms. I purchased a cheap electronic thermometer with a Hygrometer built in.

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Re: Humidity

Thanx very Much. That Helps.