The Beer Store opens "Recycling Plus" at Dupont/Campbell

The Beer Store has opened a new Recycling Plus depot at 299 Campbell Ave., at the corner of Dupont St.

This is not a Beer Store, but just a place to return empties. For patrons of our local Beer Store on Symington Ave., the most noticeable change will likely be that there will no longer be huge lineups of people returning empties to the same place that we purchase the full ones from.

It's also interesting to note that this Recycling Plus depot may start accepting other types of recyclable materials in the future too: E-waste, paint, etc.

Here's a City News video story about it.

It's also worth noting that 299 Campbell Ave. has a development proposal on it, so who knows how long this depot will last, or how it might change.

TL;DR: Full beer on Symington, empty beer at Dupont/Campbell.