299 Campbell Ave. at Dupont - 18 Story Mixed Tower?

The property at 299 Campbell Ave., south-east corner of Dupont St., is proposed for redevelopment of an 18-story mixed-use commercial/residential tower.

From Ana Bailao's meeting announcement:

"The developer intends to propose the construction of a mixed-use commercial and residential building with a podium height of 6 storeys along Dupont Street and Campbell Avenue. The building would step up and back to 8 storeys and further up and back to 18 storeys in the eastern portion of the site. The proposed redevelopment would have a mix of single, one, two and three bedroom units, two levels of retail/commercial and office space along Dupont Street and Campbell Avenue, as well as Live/work units along Campbell Avenue and three levels of underground parking."

The developer is TAS DesignBuild.
The architect is Stephen Teeple.


Other Links:

Will post more details as they come out.

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Did anyone attend the recent

Did anyone attend the recent meeting on 299 Campbell ?

I'm curious to know what was the general opinion of plan


Crowd was positive

The meeting had presentations from the City Planner, the developer and Councillor Bailao.

There was not a lot of new information since the previous meeting. The people who attended asked questions and made suggestions. The people who spoke were positive towards the plan and there was a lot of support for a new library and bringing that strip of Dupont to life.

Documentation from the city about the site if found here

299 Campbell Meeting tonight

Don't forget there's a meeting tonight, 6:30Pm at St. Rita's, 178 Edwin Ave.


Love the rendering! That would be a great addition to the neighbourhood. Very cool looking project.


Does anyone know who the developer is for this? Gosh I hope its not another Robert Falus development.

Campbell/Dupont Developer

According to the thread on Urbantoronto, the developer is TAS DesignBuild.


I had some questions about their postponed Giraffe project and was able to get right through to them. They are award winning and tend to work with outstanding architects like Steven Teeple.

Although yes I agree that

Although yes I agree that Falus has taken plenty of time to complete his development, on the flip side, when completed it will be a welcome change. Don't forget that some of the heritage buildings on site(there are 4 in total, 1 already being the Foundry Lofts, the others being what is used for the Sales Office currently and the building across from it along with the future home of the Metro) will be have mixed use(studios, cafes, restaurants) not to mention the Metro/Shoppers/RBC that will be housed on Lansdowne and Dupont. So I think it's not fair to totally slag them. As for cookie cutter, yes in a way(I live in one of the townhomes) but for first time buyers at prices starting at 260k off the floor plan in the city, whereas could you get that? Don't forget this wasn't the most desirable neighborhood when he originally started so I'm certain selling more unique, high end town homes was not going to work...just want to be fair, I get the perception, but there's more to it...

Some good points but Falus

Some good points but Falus falls short in comparison to other developers in the area who have worked more closely with the existing community, provided more in additional services and features, donated the use of their land for community events, and donated money directly to the community. Sure its part of "the game" but Falus has a reputation and one gets that for a reason. Look around.

Could you inform me who those

Could you inform me who those developers would be...just for interest sake? Maybe I'm just pessimistic but aren't most developers in it for their own money making opportunities? I'd like to think that there are some who give back, but at the end of the day, many of them aren't in it for pro bono...but again, I'd love to know who are the developers you are citing here just so I could spread the word and tell more people about them...thanks

Better Developers

Castlepoint has donated to local causes, has worked closely with Friends of Railpath to improve their designs, is opening an access to Railpath before they even start construction, has solicited public opinion about the future of the site,has met the community countless times, made all reports public and is reachable by phone. They are also one of the sponsors of the upcoming Davenport West Bike Project Festival.

Sommerset Homes is lending their land to a community charity event in September, has revised their plans due to community input, changed their design to help Railpath, will probably change their design again, and is sponsoring the the upcoming Davenport West Bike Project Festival. They have also agreed to build a public space for use by community groups as part of their overall plan. The owner, Fred Guth, is reachable by phone and has emailed information personally to people who have had enquiries about the site.

Both Castlepoint and Sommerset will take advantage of the Section 37 provision which will see additional monies head to the Library Expansion or Railpath among other things.

Down at Queen and Dufferin the Streetcar Group have worked with Friends of Railpath and have incorporated Railpath stage 2 into their plans before it has even been officially approved and will be involved in promoting the Railpath Stage 2 as it is built. Like wise the Topana Group at 440 Dufferin are doing the same.

There is no reason why developers cannot make money and give back in some way. The developers mentioned above have exceeded the legal requirements in terms of meeting with the public and have made solid steps to improve the communities that they are impacting. Will they please everybody? No, but they are acting in a manner that is far better than others have done.

Great to know...thanks for

Great to know...thanks for the info. I was not trying to suggest that I love everything that the Falus' have done...it's good to know that some developers are actually doing what you point out considering most obviously don't...thanks again!

Not Falus

This is not a Falus production so it wont take 10 years to get built. : )


It's just good to have a mix of things in the neighbourhood, not a Falus cookie cutter monopoly. (and the quicker build time is nice too!) I also like to the live work aspect, as our community has long been full of artists living and working in the old commercial spaces.

Sounds like a reasonable

Sounds like a reasonable suggestion. The area is going to need some new schools soon.

300 Campbell (= 299)

This building that i used to live in is now more or less empty; it demonstrates the extreme waste of all the totally suitable for living space around that is squandered in the name of speculation and the fabulous fun of making money, rather than building communities where everyone can have fun. This is, in a way the new video game for middle age boys. [the girls are evidently busy now with interactive onLine games.]

No surprise here. Traffic and

No surprise here. Traffic and other issues aside it will good to see more people around on the street at that corner.

No surprise

That's a prime spot that I've coveted on numerous occasions sitting on Boo's patio. I'll be very interested to see the details.