Perth-Dupont Community Garden Upgrade Meeting

From Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao's office. You can download a PDF copy of this announcement here.

Dear Residents,

The Perth Dupont Community Garden group have proposed to build a cement pad and structural addition onto the garden's tool-shed, with the possibility of adding solar panels and a water feature as well. Details about the project are found in the attached pdf titled "PDCG Shed Project Overview".

I am holding a public meeting along with Parks Staff and members of the community garden organization on Wednesday, February 6th , 6:30PM at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Cathedral (143 Franklin Ave).

The objectives of the meeting are:

  1. Confirm if there is general public support for the project;
  2. Identify and address possible challenges;
  3. Garner greater community support and involvement.

Please review the attached information and join our community in planning these improvements and I hope to see you there.


Ana Bailão
City Councillor
Ward 18, Davenport (416) 392-7012

PDCG Shed Project Overview.pdf165.61 KB
Perth-Dupont Community Garden Shed.pdf191.05 KB


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Did this meeting happen? I

Did this meeting happen? I went and it seemed like the wrong address

Garden meeting

I assume it happened, though I wasn't there. I hope you didn't go tonight though - that's exactly one month late. :)

Actually...the listed address of 143 Franklin may be slightly wrong. The meeting would have been in the church across the street from 143 Franklin (143 is the church's residence). I didn't even notice that address discrepancy on the two meetings that week.