Blocking traffic

Dear Neighbours, today at 12 pm an 80 foot truck was blocking half of Edwin. I had an urgent doctor's meeting and needed to drive by and was unable to squeeze through. I told them I could wait ten-fifteen minutes but they said it would take much longer and told me to turn around. I asked them if they were allowed to just block traffic without giving any room for even a small car to squeeze by; they said they were. I have a few questions about this: 1) does anyone know of what is happening on Edwin that would require this massive truck (I saw a team of workers carrying some large beams); 2) do we have any recourse when something like this happens? We count on leaving our homes and being able to use some parts of our roads unless there is construction--and there wasn't any; 3) as much as I am in favour of making Edwin one-way, in situations such as these it would be impossible to technically leave my home as I wouldn't be able to go to Ruskin.
Thanks for any responses.